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The self-calculated net income before tax of TXC in Apr., 20... (05/18/2017) Investor Conference Presentation of 2017 held by our company (05/10/2017) The self-report net consolidated sales of TXC Corp. in Apr.,... (05/08/2017)
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TXC announces a new series of miniaturized Oven-Controlled C... (05/10/2017) Sports Sponsorship (12/08/2016) TXC announces a new series of high frequency ultra-low phase... (07/21/2016)
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Mother’s Day Activity of “Amazing effort, Mom” (05/11/2017) Promotion of Aesthetic Activities (04/28/2017) Promotion of Aesthetic Activities (04/28/2017)
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Negotiating the Impossible: How to break deadlocks and resol... (11/08/2016) How to prosper during the Third Wave? (10/11/2016)