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Announcement of resolution regarding base day of dividend by... (07/18/2016) Announcement regarding the company appoints the thrid remune... (07/18/2016) The self-calculated net income before tax of TXC in Jun., 20... (07/14/2016)
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TXC announces a new series of high frequency ultra-low phase... (07/21/2016) Today, TXC announces a new series of miniature 3-in-1 Light ... (01/25/2016) TXC launches anti-magnetic hysteresis 3-axis electronic comp... (07/22/2015)
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Experience of massaged by visual-impaired people (05/18/2016) Cleaning the environment campaign in Pingzhen Industrial Par... (05/14/2016) “New Mothers’ Contest” on the Mother’s Day (05/05/2016)