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TXC provide staff an open learning environment. As long as you wish to give, you will gain and grow. No matter if they are beginner’s workshops or the following professional, managerial or self-inspirational development courses, they can make you push your own limit to grow out of the box. When combining TXC life and career path, you will obtain the greatest satisfaction! In the future, it is the era of core value and knowledge war. Let’s enjoy the job through learning and developing the great future ahead of us together.

The company has investigated and analyzed the training needs according to the company’s operational strategy, personal job needs and performance development while in compliance with related legal requests to map out the company’s training programs.

Through the design of position level and category (see chart below), staff could develop their career path based on their professionalism/skill/interest with the needs of corporate development, making the right people in the right position and becoming the enterprise’s long-term developmental partner.


健康講座|做基因的智者,您的健康自己掌握                    管理課程│領導統御,教練式領導