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Learning and Growth

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TXC provides an open and diverse learning environment to colleagues. A fulfilling achievement and growth can be expected by those who work hard. Whether it’s an initial peer workshop or a professional job function, management development training, or self-inspired growth course, one can constantly challenge to reach personal growth limits. The combination of life and career at TXC helps you receive the most satisfaction! The future is the era of core value and knowledge competition, so let us enjoy the joy of knowledge grow and work together to create a brighter future together.

Training system map:

Company lecturer:

TXC has organized an internal and external lecturer group with massive professional skills, and continues to encourage employees with expertise to become the Company’s internal lecturers, effectively passing on internal professional knowledge and skills, so lecturers can enhance their professionalism and accumulate professional knowledge through teaching.

Learning Resources:

TXC attaches great importance to the accumulation of knowledge. The Company conducts different internal and external training courses every year, and combines online learning platforms to continuously share new knowledge and new skills with employees. It also encourages employees to share their actual experience and knowledge in handling abnormal events at work with colleagues through internal shareware, learning platform, and KM platform in order to achieve the goal of reciprocal improvement.

TXC Library:

In order to encourage employees to learn more, TXC has set up a company library and cooperated with the Ningbo City Library to introduce the “Ningbo Mobile Library.” The Company has more than 2,000 books in the Company and has based on the library to hold book reading club and book ready day in order to create a sense of “reading a good book, reading a book well, and loving to read” within the Company.

Colleagues can develop their career plans according to their expertise/capabilities/interests and the needs of enterprise development through the design of position and responsibility (as shown below), so that “people” can exercise their expertise at the right place and become an important partner for long-term development of enterprises.

Expense/time assistance: Apply for abroad study financial subsidy, supervisor advanced study financial subsidy, external training payment, working hour adjustment, and sabbatical leave.

Job adjustment: It should be handled by rotation, transfer, promotion, and assignment.

Task assignment: It should be processed an internal lecturer, project assignment, project presentation, etc.