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Compensation and Benefits

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TXC Corporation provides various and competitive salary structure and maintain average salary above competitors. We insist on the concept of sharing profits with employees in order to attract talents and motivate and retain current employees.

Salary:competitive salary and adjustable according to personal performance while taking into account of company’s overall operational condition.

Performance Bonus:to encourage staff enhancing performance and reaching goals, the company provide motivational bonus. Other than giving out Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Moon Festival bonuses based on company’s overall operational condition and personal performance, we also give out various motivational bonus from time to time. These include a productivity bonus, copyright bonus, project bonus, proposal bonus, special contribution bonus, teamwork bonus, best employee bonus, senior staff bonus, etc. in order to encourage talents and outstanding contribution teams and inspire staff’s passion and teamwork spirit.

Dividend:to encourage staff striving to achieve results, the company will take a certain portion of profits as a basis of staff dividend to share profitable outcome.

Employee Stock Ownership Trust:to assist staff with long-term financial investment and retirement plan, the company will take a certain portion of money to encourage staff holding the company’s stock in a long term.

By law, we give staff various holiday options. When staff need to take leaves, they could do so without concern in convenience of arrangement on going back home, taking a rest, traveling. We also adjust calendar to make long weekends and add in special holidays specifically in TXC so that staff could flexibly arrange personal life activities or hang out together to harmonize relationships other than work.

The company’s benefits always come right on time when staff need them the most.

  Insurance Structure: Labor/Health Insurance, Group Insurance, Retirement Pension Plan.   Medical Insurance: Group Insurance/Life Insurance, Staff Regular Health Examination, Manager’s Health Examination.   Learning Sponsorship: in accordance to “Staff Learning Sponsorship Guideline”.   Other Sponsorship: the company and welfare committees provide marriage and funeral contact windows for staff in need as the most genuine care.   Emergency Support: based on staff’s actual situation giving sponsorship.   Others: acknowledgement of senior staff, annual outstanding projects, project bonus, staff dependents scholarship, staff proposal bonus, etc.

The Company has defined benefit plans under the Labor Standards Law that provide benefits equals to 9% of salaries paid each month deposited in the Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee’s name in the Bank of Taiwan. The Committee is in charge of management and implementation of the plan. Complying with the plan under the Labor Pension Act, the company has made monthly contributions equal to 6% of each employee’s monthly salary to employees’ pension accounts since Jul. 1st, 2005. The company set Employee Pension Fund in Jan. 2007 and provides benefits equals to 8% of salaries paid each month for the pension plan of mandate mangers.

The retirees and retired date of TXC for the past 3 years:

Year Retiree Retired Date
2016 X1 2016/12/31
X2 2016/08/31
X3 2016/06/15
X4 2016/02/29
X5 2016/02/26
X6 2016/01/31
2015 X1 2015/09/30
X2 2015/09/30
X3 2015/09/30
X4 2015/09/30
X5 2015/03/31
2014 X1 2014/09/30
X2 2014/09/12
X3 2014/03/03
X4 2014/02/25
X5 2014/01/18