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Supply Chain Safety Planning and Management

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Commenced in 2011, via government coaching on the integrated system, the implementation of "Certified Secure Authorized Economic Operator" (hereafter referred to as AEO) and "Supply Chain Security ISO28000" architecture; and, moreover used this setting up of a certified safe supply chain as pretext to obtain more beneficial customs clearance arrangements as well as improve the quality of customer service, increase efficiencies and accomplish other such performance enhancing effects. All this had the end result of satisfying customer expectations for a secure production value chain. The main activities in the system comprised provisional education and training, risk assessment, targets, objectives, program formulation, AEO self-assessment, business partner audits, internal audits, and management inspections. In October of 2011, following successful completion of the third party validation audit, obtained ISO28000; and, likewise obtained, in March of 2012, certification as a Certified Secure AEO issued by the Ministry of Finance Directorate General of Customs.