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Workforce Participation Empowerment in Safety and Health

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We have established an Occupational Safety and Health Committee, which meets quarterly to review our work progress, and study, safety and health issues. A total of 16 persons regularly participate in the Labor Safety and Health Committee. Of these, 8 are labor representatives making up 50% of the committee members. A senior executive is assigned to represent management, and ensure appropriate implementation and management directives for the firm's safety and health related issues. The committee exercises jurisdiction over matters including: industrial safety, industrial hygiene,training, promotion and related activities.
   All of our corporate employees responsible for occupational safety and health related efforts have obtained their required licensures, and attend agency sponsored seminars or academic conferences and events.

Occupational Safety

TXC maintains a labor safety and hygiene management committee to make sure the company meets required labor safety and hygiene standards. This measure also assures that all operational flows are safe and are designed to prevent industrial hazards.


To ensure employee occupational safety protection and safe operations of machinery and equipment, each employee is required to observe all pertinent occupational safety regulations and guidelines, adhering to safety requirements and work efficiency, as abiding core objectives in all our activities.