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Specific measures and efficacy in pollution control

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Among our pollution control measures, These operations conform to our "stationary pollution source operating permit "," Water Pollution Control Permits "and ISO14001 system requirements, with period inspections and maintenance, to ensure high in-service rates, allowing the firm to stay below the applicable overall pollution emission control standards. Periodic testing results for "Stationary sources" and "effluents" are posted on our website. http://www.txccorp.com/index.php?action=g_ESH_1&cid=7

All facility operations conform to our "Waste Control Management Guidelines", with segregated collection and storage of waste in specified areas, followed by removal or reutilization by environmental agency authorized contractors, with our Top Four waste removal activities involving the following:

Code Waste Description Treatment Method Authorized Contractor License Information Intermediate Treatment Final Disposal Due day of Permit File
D-1801 Garbage Contractor Taiwan EPA  Waste Disposal Permit No.1050060898 Incineration Bury 03/23/2021
C-0301 The flash point of waste liquid is less than sixty degree centigrade(Not include the alcoholic waste that the volume concentration of ethanol is less than twenty-four percentage) Contractor Taipai EPA  Waste Disposal Permit No.0575 Physical treatment Reuse 04/17/2017
D-0903 Non-hazardous oil Contractor Taiwan EPA  Waste Disposal Permit No.1040341247 Physical treatment Reuse 12/30/2020
D-0902 Inorganic sludge Contractor Taiwan EPA  Waste Disposal Permit No. 1050059817 Physical treatment Reuse  05/26/2018