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Identification of related interest parties and communication

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In recent years, under demand of the international society, enterprises shall no longer aim solely for maximum profits for the company. As a responsible enterprise, the company shall take care of its social responsibility in business operation as well as to consider the welfare of the related interest parties.


TXC identifies related interest parties according to correlation on jobs of various departments, and then the company includes the issues concerned into the work in charge and annual plan.


TXC set up a dedicated unit for corporate social responsibility in charge of promoting relevant activities of corporate responsibilities and certification. The dedicated unit cooperates with members of other departments at the same time.


TXC’s related interest parties includes employees, customers, community parties, suppliers, institutions, shareholders, competitive industry parties, they are identified according to the definitions of code of conduct with a total of seven items. To keep well interaction with every related interest parties, TXC fully understood requirements of related interest parties through various communication channels furthermore to revise the company’s operation directions, through the two major communication courses of the year end review meeting and executive meeting, and after getting various issues in daily lives with senior managers, and then to ascertain priority setting on the issues concerns of related interest parties. Hereby, we list the important issues defined by the company and communication ways and channels of every related interest party as follows:

Significant Issues, Aspect Boundaries Inside and Outside the Organization, Management Practices and Corresponding Indices:

Significant Issues Aspect Boundary Management Practices Corresponding indices
Corresponding indices Internal V Within the organization, to clarify the company’s R&D direction and improve knowledge of competitors in order to deliver competitive products, the Company shall strive to boost its internal cohesion and pool available resources. To this end, the Company conducts annual review of its R&D roadmap and direction of its product planning while establishing specific indices so as to deliver products that accommodate market demands in a prompt manner. • Economic Performance
External V Beyond the organization, the Company engages in the development of next-gen products in order to foster stakeholders’ confidence in the Company’s future developments, maintain the organization’s appeal to new talents and secure new capital investments through outstanding business performance. Therefore, the Company fully discloses the result of its new product R&D on its website and annual reports so that stakeholders could have immediate and thorough understanding of relevant developments.
Legal compliance Legal compliance V In the event of a change in government or international laws, relevant laws/regulations are promptly examined. Results of the examination would then be used for the revision of relevant documentations including the employee manual, related operating procedures, management procedures and training materials to ensure full legal compliance so that the Company could provide safe and comfortable working environments and workplaces. • Law and regulation compliance
G4-EN29, G4-SO8, G4-PR9

• Grievance mechanism on environmental issues

• Grievance mechanism on labor

• Grievance mechanism on human rights

• Grievance mechanism on social impact
External V Full disclosure of the Company’s compliance with domestic and international laws on the Company’s website, social responsibility reports and annual reports (on issues such as conflict metals). The Company also declares its good governance and best practice principles, with equal emphasis on the requirements of corporate social responsibilities to maintain stakeholder’s confidence in the Company’s sustainable operation.
Corporate operation governance Internal V Within the organization, the board of directors is expected to operate in a manner that makes it more responsive to the voices of different stakeholders whilst ensuring greater fulfillment of the Company’s corporate social responsibilities. This would not only reinforce employees’ confidence in the Company’s honest management but also safeguard the rights of all stakeholders. And as such, the Company has established a remuneration and review committee in conjunction with the operation of independent board members to ensure clean and fair transactions and the rationality and legitimacy of internal operation. In addition, the Company is also accredited to the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association’s CG6008 Advanced Corporate Governance System Assessment to ensure that all details and aspects of the Company’s operation are compliant with governmental and stakeholder expectations. The results of the accreditation have been fully disclosed on the Company’s website, MOPS and the Company’s annual report. • Economic Performance
G4-EC1~ G4-EC4

• Market Share
G4-EC5~ G4-EC6

• Water

• Emissions
G4-EN15~ G4-EN21

• Anti-corruption
G4-SO3~ G4-SO35

• Anti-competitive behavior

• Law and regulation compliance
G4-EN29, G4-SO8, G4-PR9
External V Beyond the organization, complete disclosure of relevant information enables stakeholders to fully understand the Company’s intentions and operating results. The aforementioned results of corporate governance have also been adequately disclosed through annual reports, company website, corporate social responsibility reports and MOPS. The Company also makes an effort towards continued self-examination for improvement by adhering with international standards such as AA1000, GRI4.0 and Taiwan Corporate Governance Association ratings.
Product quality Internal V Through continuous improvement and refinement of procedures, the Company strives to achieve world-class quality while ensuring compliance with relevant audit system requirements such as TS16949, VDA 6.3 and stringent customer standards for the improvement of quality. In addition, the Company has also held training and projects for Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) to enhance product quality. The assurance of quality for the aforementioned products would not only foster employees’ confidence in the Company but also effectively reduce the prevention cost and appraisal cost and consequently improve the company’s overall profit. • Customer and health

• Product and service information and labeling
External V Beyond the organization, this would foster stakeholders’ trust in the company and assurance for the customer. This would in turn increase the frequency and number of transactions between the two parties, thereby expanding the Company’s overall global market share whilst reducing the internal and external failure costs in the costs for defective products.
Interested stakeholders Issues concerned by interested stakeholders Communication method and channel Frequency
Staff Remuneration and benefits
Staff development
Occupational safety, hygiene and health
Company sustainability
The annual employee satisfaction survey  Annual
salary survey  Irregular
Executives’ mailbox and telephone line  Irregular
Seminar for new employees  Monthly
Engineering staff forum  Irregular
Focus topic forum  Quarterly
Employee suggestion box  Irregular
Sexual harassment complaint box  Irregular
Improvement suggestion box  Irregular
Employee benefits meeting  Irregular
Mid-year review  Half year
Year-end review  Half year
Departmental meetings  Irregular
Labor Conference  Quarterly
E.S.H committee meeting  Quarterly
Customer Product Quality
Product Price
Social responsibility
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Satisfaction Survey  Annual
Various types of customer-based questionnaires  Irregular
ICT Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire  Irregular
Customer and 3rd party audit  Irregular
Customer Representative (Project Manager)  Irregular
Telephone communication  Irregular
Meetings with customers  Irregular
Community Groups Community care
Implementation of Environmental safety and Health management
Social responsibility
Corporate sustainability
New Year visit the neighborhood representative near the company  Annual
Visit the Park Management Committee  Irregular
Participate in various activities at industrial areas  Irregular
Sponsor disadvantaged groups in the community  Irregular
Sponsor environmental protection at community primary school and supply various types of equipment  Irregular
Company website provides detailed information on greenhouse gases as well as environmental safety and health policy to be used as a reference for interested parties  Irregular
Supplier Supplier Assessment
Order Continuity
Financial Performance
Regular training, survey and website promotion will be provided for suppliers for topics such as "greenhouse gas inventory," "corporate social responsibility", "Industrial Bank Regulation undertaking", "procurement and contractors health and safety norms," and "environmental, occupational, safety, health survey" Irregular
Government and regulatory bodies Regulation Conformity
Environmental Protection
Performing tax duty
Degree of Policy Cooperation
Maintain good interaction with relevant competent authorities  Irregular
Formal documents from/to government  Irregular
Provide adequate disclosure of business activities and management practices on website and annual reports  Irregular
Attend relevant law/regulation trainings  Irregular
Search for relevant laws and regulations to maintain compliance  Quarterly
Shareholders Financial Performance
Operating Governance of Company
Risk Management
Corporate sustainability
Shareholders  Annual
Investor  Irregular
Website  Irregular
Quarterly Report  Quarterly
Annual Report  Annual
Spokesman mechanism  Irregular
Independent directors and supervisor’s mailbox  Irregular
Participation in corporate governance evaluation  Irregular
Participation in information disclosure evaluation  Annual
Competition in the industry Strategic Planning
New Products / New Technology
Operating Scale
Participate in the relevant Association  Irregular
In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct to undertake interaction  Irregular
Patent Database  Irregular
Market survey  Irregular
Telephone communication  Irregular