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Ethical Management

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Ethical Management Structure

To implement ethical management policy and sound ethical operation management, the Company designates the Management Center to be the responsible unit for the ethical management, and the highest supervisor of the Center is responsible for the policy stipulation and subsequent establishment and promotion of preventive solutions, and is required to report to the board of directors periodically. Its main duties are as follows:


  1. Assisting in incorporating ethics and moral values into the Company's business strategy and adopting appropriate prevention measures against corruption and malfeasance to ensure ethical management in compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations.
  2. Adopting programs to prevent unethical conduct and setting out in each program the relevant standard operating procedures and conduct guidelines for works and duties.
  3. Planning of internal organization, staffing and job duties, establish mutual supervision and balance mechanisms for operating activities of relatively higher unethical conduct risk in the scope of business.
  4. Promoting and coordinating awareness and educational activities with respect to ethics policy.
  5. Developing a whistle-blowing system and ensuring its operating effectiveness.
  6. Assisting the board of directors and management level in auditing and assessing whether the prevention measures taken for the purpose of implementing ethical management are effectively operating, and preparing reports on the regular assessment of compliance with ethical management in operating procedures.

Implementation Status

To implement ethical management policy and sound ethical operation management, the Company designates the Management Center to be the responsible unit for the ethical management and is required to report to the board of directors periodically. Its execution is explained as follows:

1.Execution Report:

Implement the ethical management policy promotion and execution in accordance with the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and the “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct” established by the Company, and the execution result is summarized and reported to the board of directors periodically at the end of each year.

2.Establishment of Regulations:

  1. The Company has established the regulations of the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles”, “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles”, “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct” and “Code of Ethical Conducts” respectively, and preventive measures are also specified, in order to integrate ethics and moral into the corporate culture of the Company.
  2. The Company has established the “Internal Material Information Handling Operation Procedure”, “Procedures for Prevention of Insider Trading”, “Risk Control Regulations” and “Regulations for Financial Affairs Among Affiliated Enterprises” respectively in order to specify the standard operation procedure and conduct guidelines for all stakeholders and ethical behaviors of the Company.
  3. The Company has specified the job duties of each department, and the code of conduct required for employees are described in the “Code of Conduct” and “Employee Handbook”. In addition, the Company also signs employment agreement with employees in order to implement the ethical management properly.

3.Supervision Mechanism and Report Channel:

  1. The Audit Department performs audit irregularly in order to ensure that the internal operation procedures of the Company are handled according to the laws.
  2. The Company has established the “Regulations for Handling Report of Illegal and Immoral or Unethical Conduct Cases” and has also set up employee mailboxes at numerous internal places of the Company and various report channels on the Company’s website, in order to request relevant stakeholders of the Company to implement and comply with such regulations accordingly.

4.Implementation of Regulations:

During the report to work of new employees, relevant regulations and ethical and moral requirements of the Company are explained, and the ethical requirements are also specified in the employment contract. In addition, during the routine department meetings, management meetings and various courses, the Company continues to promote the corporate ethical policy and explain the importance of ethical management. Relevant promotion (course) content includes: Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles, Report and Complaint System, Trade Secret, RBA and CSR On-job Training, TIPS Basic Concept and Implementation Practice, etc. There has been a total of 63 accumulated sessions of relevant courses held and 8,987 people have attended the courses.


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