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Interested parties

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Integrity and honesty is one of the company’s core corporate cultures, therefore we uphold the philosophy of integrity and incorruptness as well as transparency and fairness in an effort to establish a long-term partnership with our stakeholders.


Processing stakeholders suggested doubt, disputes and litigation procedural matters


The company’s stakeholders include the employees, suppliers, customers and shareholders. If you wish to communicate about the following topics, please contact the company’s Chairman, President, Independent Director or the Auditing Department.


     Employee      Customer      Supplier      Shareholder

Compensation and Welfare

Employee Development

Occupational safety and health




Fulfillment of social responsibility

Customer relationship management

Supplier Assessment

Communication channel

Orders persistent


Financial Performance

Corporate Governance

Risk management


In order to provide communication channels for interested persons and independent supervisors, an independent supervisor's mailbox has been established as follows. It will serve to enhance the overall level of corporate management. In order to use the box, one must provide verifiable evidence along with one's real name. The company assumes full responsibility for confidentiality. Reports that does not meet the above requirements will not be accepted.


     Operating level      Independent director      Inspection unit

Chairman Mailbox

President Mailbox



Yu Shang-Wu Mailbox

Cai Song-Qi Mailbox

Su Yan-Syue Mailbox Mailbox

Wang Chuan-Fen Mailbox

Auditing Office Mailbox