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Corporate Governance Apprasial

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The Company’s Corporate Governance Assessment

Origin of the Corporate Governance Assessment:

In December 2013, the Financial Supervisory Commission issued a five-year "Blueprint for the Strengthening of Domestic Company" and listed the "Corporate Governance Assessment" as a key work item. It is to assist investors and companies to understand the effectiveness of corporate governance implementation through comparing the results of corporate governance in the overall market. Based on this, since 2015, the Company has stopped the 12th “Information Disclosure Assessment” and has expanded the scope of assessment, and in turn, designed the basis for the evaluation of “Corporate Governance Assessment” based on the OECD governance principles, ACGA governance evaluation indicators, ASEAN corporate governance scoring cards, as well as domestic information disclosure indicators, incorporated with domestic and international standards including Taiwan’s Securities and Exchange Act, Company Act, regulations of TWSE and TPEx, and Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies, with all TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies included in the scope of the assessment.


Indicators of the Assessment:

The indicators designed according to the preceding paragraph are divided into four categories. In every assessment, the weight of each category varied with the total number of indicators. The following are the categories of "Corporate Governance Assessment:"

  1. Protecting Shareholders’ rights and interests, Treating all shareholders equally
  2. Structure and operations of the Board
  3. Transparency of information
  4. Protection of the rights and interests of the related parties and corporate social responsibility


In view of the fact that investors are dependent on the disclosure of the Company's information, and the Company has always been transparent to all kinds of information to protect the rights interests of shareholders, the "information disclosure assessment" ratings have been excellent and well-recognized. The company attaches great importance to the requirements of the newly established “Corporate Governance Assessment” in 2015. The Company pursues the favor of investors through information transparency, and gains public recognition through full disclosure. This has enabled the Company to continue to advance and give the fruits of corporate operations back to the stakeholders and the society. The following are the results of previous corporate governance assessments of the Company.


Year Assessed Companies Ranking File
2021 (eighth) 1639 Top 6%~20%
2020 (seventh) 1617 Top 6%~20%
2019 (sixth) 1600 Top 6%~20%
2018 (fifth) 1554 Top 6%~20%
2017 (fourth) 1539 Top 5%
2016 (third) 1496 Top 5%
2015 (second) 1447 Top 5%
2014 (first) 1393 Top 6%~20%