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Corporate Governance Result of Our Corporation

The Origin of Corporate Governance Evaluation:

On December 2013, Financial Supervisory Commission released a 5-year “Corporate Governance Roadmap 2013” and listed “Corporate Governance Evaluation” as a key emphasis. It is expected that its comparative results of overall corporate governance in the market can assist investors and corporations in understanding the practical efficacy of corporate governance. Therefore, starting from 2015, the “Information Disclosure Evaluation” that had been conducted for 12 consecutive years was ceased and various evaluation indicators of “Corporate Governance Evaluation” were designed to evaluate all listed corporations taking reference on domestic and international standards such as the governance principles of OECD, governance evaluation indicators of ACGA, corporate governance scorecard of ASEAN, domestic existing information disclosure indicators, and integrating them with Securities and Exchange Act, Company Act, regulations of TWSE and TPEx, and Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies.


Evaluation Indicators:

Indicators designed according to the aforementioned references include five major categories. First year’s evaluation included 92 indicators and the second year included 98 indicators and the third year included 99 indicators. The proportion of each category differs as the indicators of each year’s evaluation are different and is slightly altered yearly. The major categories of “Corporate Governance Evaluation” include:

  1. Protecting the Rights & Privileges of Shareholders
  2. Treating Shareholders Equally
  3. The Structure and Operation of the Board of Directors
  4. Information Transparency
  5. Protection on the Interests of Interested Parties and Corporate Social Responsibility


Given that investors rely on the information disclosure of corporations and our corporation’s persistence on information transparency to protect the rights and privileges of our shareholders, we have received first-rate appraisal in the past “Information Disclosure Evaluation”. Our corporation pays great attention on the various requirements listed in the newly established “Corporate Governance Evaluation” in 2015 and expects to receive investors’ attention through information transparency and win the recognition of society through sufficient disclosure. These will help our corporation develop constantly and enabling us to give back our business progresses to related interested parties, the society and the country. The following are the results of our corporation’s Corporate Governance Evaluation in the past two years.


Year Corporations Evaluated Ranking File
2017 (third) 1496 Top 5%
2016 (second) 1447 Top 5%
2015 (first) 1393 Top 6%~20%