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Investment Review Committee

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Purpose of Establishment of Investment Review Committee

To strengthen the investment decision making quality of the Company, to implement investment review procedure and performance management and to conduct research review and recommendation on the long-term investment strategic planning and major investment decisions of the Company, the Company has established an Investment Review Committee in accordance with the resolution passed by the board of directors in May 2020.

Investment Review Committee Organization

The members of this Committee are appointed according to the resolution of the board of directors and consist of 5~7 directors, including all of the independent directors, and one independent director is elected to be the chairperson.

Investment Review Committee Appointment Information

According to the provision of Article 3 of the Investment Review Committee Charter, the Chairman of the Board nominated the four independent directors of Shang-Wu Yu, Song-Chi Tsai, Yan-Syue Su, Chuan-Fen Wang and the three directors of Paul Lin, Xing-Hao Xu and Chih-Chiang Peng from TLC Capital Co., Ltd. as the members of the Committee. The proposal was approved by all attending directors without objections, and members elected independent director Yan-Syue Su to act as the chairperson of the Committee. Independent director, Yan-Syue Su is equipped with the expertise in financial management and investment analysis and complies with the professional competence necessary for the Committee, and the term of office is from May 31, 2022 to May 30, 2025. (Same as the term of office for board of directors)

Investment Review Committee Charter

Term of office of the current term of committee members: From May 31, 2022 to May 30, 2025. Up to December 31, 2022, and 1 times of meeting has been convened, and the attendance status of the committee members is as follows:

Job Title Name Required Number of Attendance Accumulated Actual Number of Attendance Attendance Rate %
Independent Director Yan-Syue Su 1 1 100
Independent Director Shang-Wu Yu 1 1 100
Independent Director Song-Chi Tsai   1 100
Independent Director Chuan-Fen Wang 1 1 0
Director Paul Lin 1 0 100
Director Xing-Hao Xu 1 1 100
Director TLC Capital Co., Ltd. Representative: Chih-Chiang Peng 1 1 100