Structure of corporate governance

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Structure of corporate governance

TWSE: 3042Company title: TXC Corporation

  1. No. of members on the board of directors as prescribed in TXC’s Company Charter: 11
  2. Term of the incumbent board of directors: 12th (Tenure: June 19 2013 through June 18 2016)
  3. Presently, all seats of the board of directors have been filled.
  4. No. of Independent board members: 4
  5. TXC purchases liability coverage for its board of directors on a yearly basis and the current sum insured is at US$ 5 million.
  6. TXC has appointed designated personnel to handle relevant affairs to ensure smooth communication between the shareholders and the Company’s management and that issues that arise could be promptly identified and resolved.

    Investor service specialist: Ms. Chen

    Tel: +886 03-469-8121*3256

  7. Link to TXC’s independent board members’ email:
  8. Contact information for TXC’s spokesperson:

    TXC Spokesperson: Vivien - CFO

    Tel: +886 03-469-8121*3230

    Deputy – Spokesperson: Sophia – Special Assistant President

    Tel: +886 03-469-8121*3105

  9. In addition to disclosing relevant financial information of TXC on the MOPS, the Company also hosts its own website with the same contents: