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Patents and Patents on Applying

As for the patents and patents in application, please refer to relative database such as: http://twpat.tipo.gov.tw/


Technical Papers

The World’s Smallest Quartz-Based OCXO for 5G Synchronization Applications (English), 2021.
A Novel Miniature OCXO Using Hermetically Sealed Ceramic Package (English), 2020.
Highly Stable Miniaturized OCXO with Heater-Embedded Ceramic Package (English), 2018.
Development of High-Stability Miniaturized Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (English), 2016.
Anchor loss reduction of quartz resonators utilizing phononic crystals (English), 2015.
"A Miniature TCXO for GPS/GNSS Application", Kao, Seng-Hsiang et al, 2014
A Perspective for the Quartz Crystal Devices Industry and Technologies in Taiwan and China (English), 2014.
A Study for the Relationship between Drive Level and the Activity Energy in Arrhenius Accelerated Aging Model for the Small Quartz Resonators (English), 2014.
A Study on Raising the Fundamental TS-mode Resistance by Energy Trapping for 3rd Overtone (English), 2014.
"Laser Measurement and Identification of Vibration Modes of AT-cut Quartz Crystal Resonators", Dr. Pao, et al, 2013.
"The Study of Aging Frequency Drift Mechanism for Quartz Crystal Resonators", XiaoSan Yin, Julian Shen, 2013.
"Advanced TSV-Based Crystal Resonator Devices Using 3-D Integration Scheme With Hermetic Sealing" , Mike Chiu, Dr. Lo, et al, 2013.
"TSV-based quartz crystal resonator using 3D integration and Si packaging technologies", Mike Chiu, Dr. Lo, et al. Electronics, 2013.
A Brief View of the Current State of the Development and Aging Performance of Fixed Frequency Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Oscillators (English), 2012.
Properties of Miniature X- and Z’-Elongated Rectangular AT-CUT Quartz Resonators of Different Sizes (English), 2012.
Vibration Mode Identification and Coupling Assessment with the Mindlin Plate Equations and Measurements in a Quartz Crystal Plate (English), 2012.
Inharmonic Overtones in Partially Plated AT-cut Quartz Crystal Plates (English), 2011.
Aging Performance of Small Size MHz Quartz Crystal Under High Drive (English), 2011.
The Study of Activation Energy(Ea) by Aging and High Temperature Storage for Quartz Resonators’ Life Evaluation (English), 2011.
An Efficient AT-cut Quartz Crystal Resonator Design Tool for Activity Dip in Working Temperature Range (English), 2011.
Quartz Crystal Industry of China at Crossroads (English), 2011.
Resonant Frequency Function of Thickness- Shear Vibrations of Rectangular Crystal Plates (English), 2011.
老化與高溫儲存對活化能(Ea)晶體諧振器件影響及產品壽命評估 (Chinese), 2010.
The Study of Activation Energy (EA) by Aging and High Temperature Storage for Quartz Resonator’s Life Evaluation (Chinese), 2010.
AT切割石英晶體板面剪切振動模態特性研究 (Chinese), 2010.
Face-Shear Vibration of AT-Cut Quartz Plate (Chinese), 2010.
基於Mindlin板理論的用於諧振器設計的石英晶體板振動分析程式 (Chinese), 2010.
An Integrated Program of Vibrations of Quartz Crystal Plates with Mindlin Plate Theory for Resonator Design (Chinese), 2010.
An Integrated Analysis of Vibration of Quartz Crystal Plates with the Mindlin Plate Theory for Resonator Design and Optimization (English), 2010.
矩形石英晶體板厚度剪切振動的頻率函數研究 (Chinese), 2010.
Resonance Frequency of Thickness-shear Vibrations of Rectangular Crystal Plates (Chinese), 2010.
Design of Quartz Crystal Resonators with an Analytical Procedure Based on the Mindlin Plate Theory (English), 2010.
5.4 GHz High-Q Bandpass Filter for Wireless Sensor Network System (English), 2009.
Development of 2.4-GHz film bulk acoustic wave filter for wireless communication (English), 2009.
A Study of Small Sized Quartz Tuning Fork Using Finite Element Analysis (English), 2008.
The Effect of Electrodes on Higher-order Overtone Vibrations of the Thickness-shear mode of Quartz Crystal Plates (English), 2006.
An Assessment of the Recent Development of MEMS Oscillators as Compared with Crystal Oscillators (English), 2006.
Study on Cr/Ag/Au Layered Electrode for AT-Cut Quartz Resonators (English), 2006.
Energy Trapping Effect of Stepped Electrode in Miniature AT-Cut Quartz Resonator (English), 2006.
Parameters Extraction and Design Optimization for AT-cut Quartz Resonator based on Mindlin’s 2D Model (English), 2006.
Introduction to Bulk and Surface Acoustic Wave Frequency Control Products (English- Presentation Only), 2006.
Beveling AT-cut Quartz Resonator Design by an Efficient Numerical Method (English), 2005.
Development of Voltage-Controlled SAW Oscillator (VCSO) for For Fiber-optic communication systems (English), 2005.
A Review of the Recent Development of Temperature Stable Cuts of Quartz for SAW Applications (English), 2004.
An Efficient Numerical Method in Calculating the Electrical Impedance Different Modes of AT-Cut Quartz Crystal Resonator (English), 2004.
Development of Miniaturized Analog and Digital Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (English), 2004.
In-Situ Frequency Trimming of SAW Resonator Using Conventional Crystal Resonator Fine Tuning Method with Gold Thin film Addition (English), 2003.
Accurate Explicit Formulate of The Fundamental Mode Resonant Frequencies for FBAR with Thick Electrodes (English), 2003.
Characteristics of The Unique Modes in HBARS (English), 2003.
Resonant Spectrum Method to Characterize Piezoelectric Films in Composite Resonators (English), 2003.
Modified BVD-EQUIVALENT Circuit of FBAR by Taking Electrodes into Account (English), 2002.
Analysis and Experiment of HBAR Frequency Spectra and Applications to Characterize The Piezoelectric Thin Film and to HBAR Design (English), 2002.
Inverse Determination of Coupling of Modes Parameters of Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators (English), 2002.
SAW Filter技術與應用發展趨勢 (Chinese), 2002.
高頻通訊用晶體振盪器的技術及發展 (Chinese), 2002.
Electromechanical Coupling Factor of Thickness-Shear Mode of The Piezoelectric Thin Films Deposited on Substrates (English), 2001.