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Updated : 2016-10-11

How to prosper during the Third Wave?

As the Third Wave works its way through the broader economy, many long-term and profitable corporations will be at risk.  However, the best leadership teams will see the Third Wave as something they can take advantage of.  The ways to do this are:
1. Embrace and actively practice self-disruption
2. Harness geographic diversity to maximum effect
3. Make your own Third Wave impact investment
4. Lear how to work with the government effectively
5. Ride the wave – Set a new course to excel


The first and natural reaction of most established companies to the Third Wave will be to sit on the sidelines and assume all will continue as before.  If you do that, you will be at risk of getting left behind as the market evolves and changes.  Instead you need to be actively looking for ways to get in front of this opportunity rather than chasing it from behind. 


The perfect example of this are self-driving cars which have garnered loads of publicity thanks to Google and Uber.  It’s normal to assume they are the brainchild of tech companies but in the agricultural sector, farmer have been using self-driving tractors for many years.  Tractor manufacturer John Deere has been developing GPS navigation systems for tractors for more than twenty years and was active in this before Google was even founded. 

Author : Steve Case

Title : The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future

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