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TXC announces a new series of miniature 4-in-1 Light Sensors (Color and Proximity Sensor with IR VCSEL integrated) (PA22C product series) TXC Corporation

This newly developed 4-in-1 sensor consists of an Color Sensor, and a Proximity Sensor with IR VCSEL diode and an integrated photo detector and control circuits. All of the above standalone components are packaged in a 2.5x2.0x1.0mm patented, multi-layer ceramic package for better optical mechanical design without the need for extra lens.


The special features of this product includes (1) Small size: 1/2 of the size compared to conventional 4.0x2.4x1.35mm3 products, (2) Low power consumption: IR VCSEL only consume 1/10 of the power compared to conventional IR LED, and (3) Widest Field of View (FOV): with patented multi-layer package design, FOV can be increased from +/-30 degree to +/-50 degree – which is the largest FOV for 4-in-1 sensors. With the above advantages, PA22C is especially suitable for smartphone, tablet, digital camera and smart wearable devices applications.


PA22C Product Outline


PA22C Product Dimensions


PA22A Electrical Specifications

Item/Type PA22C
Operating Temperature Range - 30 ~ 85 ℃
Storage Temperature Range - 40 ~ 85 ℃
Sensor Supply Voltage 2.7~3.3V
I2C Supply Voltage 1.7~1.9V
Supply Current (RGB Only) TBD
Supply Current (PS Only) TBD
RGB Measurement Time 75~125 ms
RGB Full Scale 65535 count
IR VCSEL Peak Wave Length 940 nm
IR VCSEL Driving Current 7, 10, 12, 15 mA


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