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Mother’s Day Activity of “Amazing effort, Mom” TXC Corporation

On a warm and fragrant Mother’s Day of May, the welfare committee of our company especially held the interesting activity of the riddle contest called “Amazing effort, Mom” at noon on May 11th, 2017. The whole contest ran through the enterprise culture of our company and emphasized a new spirit of competition, and in the meanwhile, quality-mind was included in the contest. The riddle contest adopted the model of “See See Find Out”; however, during the contest, the answers of hands and feet couldn’t be guessed by participants but each competition team needed to think, communicate, practice, and prepare many times first so as to show the password and body language of their own team to get the victory. Through an easy and humorous way in the contest, the employees further learned and understood the enterprise culture, the new spirit of “Being eliminated without competition and knocked out without working hard”, and the quality policy promoted by our company. In the end of the activity, employees felt the selflessness and giving of family together by sharing their mothers’ love and care, and the whole activity finished in a satisfying way with the atmosphere of appreciation and warmth.




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