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Taoyuan City Government issued certificate of appreciation TXC Corporation

The company has long supported moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic development within elementary schools in Pingzhen District and Fuxing Township in Taoyuan City. Furthermore, “Academic Excellence” scholarship was established by Chairman Paul Lin to encourage school children to study diligently. In addition, the “Piety Award” was established in conjunction with related schools to promote the traditional doctrine of piety within Chinese culture. The aim is to let them understand the meaning of gratitude and appreciation, so as to comprehend the genuine meaning and value of life as stated in the classic Book of Songs “My father gave me life. My mother nourished me, soothed me, raised me, helped me grow up, taught me, took care of me, looked after me constantly, and took me in her arms wherever she went. I wish to repay their kindness, but it is as high as the heavens.” In particular, as traditional culture continues to diminish in the contemporary society, the spirit of studying diligently, being filial to one’s parents should be encouraged and promoted. In light of this, Taoyuan City Mayor Wen-tsan Cheng issued a certificate of appreciation to the company for “enthusiastic promotion and development of education”. The certificate was presented by Principal Jui-feng Jao of Longde Elementary School on the Mayor’s behalf.



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