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Volunteer club annual team bonding event TXC Corporation

In advocating stress-free living and thanking the contributions made by our volunteer club colleagues over the last year, the club’s annual team bonding event was held on December 18 (Sun.) at the Eastern Hotels & Resorts – Yangmei by club President Hsi-you Cheng. The event kicked of with an appreciation of the flora and fauna of the mountain forest trail, followed by expressing our gratitude to the 5 colleagues who have made the most contributions over the year during lunch, including Chia-hua Lin, Ya-hsiu Chen, and Kui-lan Chang, who all received eco-friendly souvenirs. During lunch, various activities conducted by the volunteer club over the last year was shown so that they can relive the touching experiences and be encouraged to keep up the good work in the future year to come. The participants returned home safely after enjoying a pleasant hot spring bath at the resort.




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