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Enterprise volunteer press conference TXC Corporation

As social charitable activities diversify, money or materials are no more the only resources that enterprises can offer, and physical involvement in different forms of supplement the insufficiency of social wealth workforce has become another way of social charitable activities. Apart from strengthening the organizational identification of employees, such a way benefits social welfare groups, enterprises, and employees at the same time. For this reason, after the TXC Volunteer Club was established in 2015, it has set three service modes: TXC self-organized service, cooperation with partner enterprises, and cooperation with NPOs; listened to the voice of students and locals in the role of volunteers with empathy; set the orientation, objective, and quality of future activities based on the real needs of recipients; and offered better quality charitable acts through adjustments based on the experience accumulated. We hope to develop a better enterprise volunteer culture through active involvement and continuously turn our care into substantive action.




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