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Public-welfare birthday celebration TXC Corporation

To implement the concept of turning emotions into action held by the Company’ s Volunteer Association, we visited the Taoyuan Shengai Education and Nursing Institute together with the volunteer partners and dependents on September 25 so that the trainees of the Institute may be affected by more social care. In the meanwhile, we also invited Liu, Liang-Hsi, the social worker of the Department of Social Welfare, Taoyuan together with partners of TXC Corporation to participate in the occasion of working hand in hand for public welfare. After Chen, Yun-Chi, Dean of Taoyuan Shengai Education and Nursing Institute made a brief introduction on the status of services at the Institute, the volunteer workers of the Company led the trainees to play games and celebrate the birthday to do our little something for giving back to the community and support of public welfare.




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