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TXC announces a new series of high frequency ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillator (BC/BG/BX product series). TXC Corporation

TXC newly developed high frequency ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillator with frequency ranged from 15MHz up to 2.1GHz, supporting LVPECL or LVDS or HCSL output in 7.0mm x 5.0mm x 1.7 mm package size. It combines an AT-cut high frequency crystal unit with advanced digital fractional-N PLL technology to achieve ultra-low phase jitter (150fs, from 12kHz~20MHz) and low power consumption. TXC’s BC-series, BG-series, and BX-series could be the best reference clock choice for Fiber channel, SAS/SATA and other high-speed interface in optical, server and wireless infrastructure applications.

Features Benefits
High Frequency Crystal Unit Low phase noise and low phase jitter.
Advanced Digital Fractional-N PLL IC (a) Frequency up to 2.1GHz.
(b) Low phase noise and low phase jitter.
(c) Low power consumption.
(d) I2C programmable interface, fast delivery.


Product Dimensions

Electrical Specifications

Item/Parameter BC-series / BG-series / BX-series
Output Type LVPECL / LVDS / HCSL
Frequency Range 15 ~ 2100 MHz
Frequency Stability ± 50 ppm
Operation Voltage 2.25 ~ 3.63 V
Current Consumption <100mA,
(depending on output type & operation voltage)
Standby Function OE internal pull high / low
Operating Temperature Range - 40 ~ 85 ℃
Storage Temperature Range - 40 ~ 125 ℃
Phase Jitter
(RMS, 12kHz~20MHz integrated)
Typ. 0.15 ps
Reconfigurable Frequency I2C interface
(Optional function, pin 7: SDA & pin 8: SCL)


Phase Noise & Phase jitter

For more information and sample inquiry, please contact our local office or email via sample request form.

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