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TXC launched 7050 Stratum-3 Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (Stratum-3 TCXO) on Nov. 1, 2013 aimed at networking market. TXC Corporation
TXC newly developed Stratum-3 Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator with frequency ranged from 10MHz to 52MHz, supply voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V, supporting CMOS or Clipped-Sinewave output with 7.0mm x 5.0mm package size (7N product series).
Comparing to the consumer grade TCXO with frequency stability +/-2ppm or +/-0.5ppm over temperature (TXC's 7Q, 7L, 7Z product series) performance, TXC's 7N-series are designed for high stability application such as base station, small-cell, networking infrastructure and smart grid which need reference clock with +/-0.28ppm or +/-0.14ppm frequency stability over temperature and outstanding short-term and long-term frequency stability performance.
TXC's 7N-series can achieve free run stability +/-4.6ppm performance over 20 years. TXC is able to perform 100% temperature testing, short-term stability testing and electrical testing to ensure quality to satisfy customer's requirement. TXC's 7N-series could be another cost effective choice than traditional OCXO solution.

(i) 4-pad

(ii) 10-pad

Electrical Specifications:

*1: 24 hours at constant temperature after 48 hours operation
*2: Inclusive of initial tolerance at 25°C, temperature, supply voltage ±5%, load ±5%, reflow soldering and ageing 20years

For TXC's 7N-series Stratum-3 TCXO inquiry, please contact our local offices or email via sample request form.

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