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TXC launched the 5032 Stratum3 Voltage Control Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator “S-3 VC-TCXO” (7P product series) TXC Corporation
TXC new develops Stratum3 Voltage Control Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator “S3 VC-TCXO” with 5.0mmx3.2mm package size (7P product series). This highly stable TCXO can meet Stratum3 timing requirement and apply to Base Station、Small-cell and Networking Infrastructure. TXC now provides a highly stabilization timing clock but lower current consumption and more cost effective than OCXO.


Different from general VC-TCXO which requirement is +/-2ppm or +/-0.5ppm. S3 VC-TCXO has +/-0.28ppm or +/-0.1ppm frequency stability over temperature. Testing data as Figure 1:

                                             Figure 1. Frequency stability in temperature domain

Except highly temperature stabilization, TXC new development S3 VC-TCXO also has outstanding short term and long term frequency stability can meet IEEE1588、3GPP or other communication protocol for timing synchronization. Test data as Figure 2:

                                        Figure 2. Frequency stability in time domain

S3 TCXO Dimensions (Uint: mm)

S3 TCXO Electrical Specification

For S3 TCXO inquiry, please contact our local offices or email via sample request form.

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