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The world's smallest& thinnest class SMD type quartz crystal (size: 1.2x1.0x0.3 mm typ.) TXC Corporation
TXC launched new smallest Crystal in 1.2x1.0x0.3mm (named 8J-series) ceramic package.
It designed for all kind electronic products that needed smaller crystal unit. ex. Smart phone , medical applications.
This 8J product is now available and 2 million pcs and more monthly production capacity has been allocated to customer immediate demand ramp-up.
Energy saving and carbon reduction is all electronic product’s mission. TXC 1210 crystal is the best choice to make environmental protection. In the past, crystal’s performance was restricted by smaller process. So TXC all new developed 1210 crystal can match all smaller electronic product request.
Typical reference synthesizing frequency:36MHz,37.4MHz,38.4MHz,40MHz,48MHz and 54MHz.
1210 Crystal Size:


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