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TXC launched 7050, 5032, 3225 and 2520 MEMS Oscillators (MO), named T series TXC Corporation

TXC is launching new silicon-based MEMS Oscillator (MO) with Single-End (CMOS) output. The MO product is molded in plastic package of 7050, 5032, 3225, and 2520 sizes with MEMS-based resonator inside and using DFN packaging process to make the pin compatible as XO and SO product; featuring 1 to 150MHz frequency output that fulfill customer requests on wired application. Target applications are PC peripherals, NB, Tablet, DSC, HDD, and Networking products like servers, switches, routers, etc.

Product Features


T series (A)

T series (B)

Frequency Range (MHz)

1MHz ~ <110MHz

110MHz ~ 150MHz

Frequency Stability (PPM)

±20, ±25, ±30, ±50

±25, ±30, ±50

±20, ±25, ±50

±25, ±50

Temp Range (°C)

-20 to +70

-40 to +85

-20 to +70

-40 to +85

Supply Voltage (V)

1.8,  2.5,  2.8,  3.3

2.5,  2.8,  3.3

Package Size LxWxH (mm)

TA: 7.0x5.0x0.90
TB: 5.0x3.2x0.75
TC: 3.2x2.5x0.75
TD: 2.5x2.0x0.75

RMS Phase Jitter (typ)

0.6pS (VDD=2.5~3.3V)
0.8pS  (VDD=1.8V)

(f=75MHz, 900KHz~7.5MHz)

0.45pS (VDD=2.5,

(f=150MHz, 900KHz~7.5MHz)

Product appearance: Top and bottom view

For more information and sample inquiry, please contact our local office or email via sample request form.

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