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Announcement on behalf of subsidiary TXC (Ningbo) Corporation,the Board resolution passed the capital increase from earnings TXC Corporation

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2021/06/28
2.Source of capital increase funds:Earnings
3.Number of shares issued (not including those distributed to employees if consisting in capital increase from earnings or capital surplus) :N/A
4.Par value per share:N/A
5.Total monetary value of the issuance:USD 31,406,049 (around CNY 200 million)
6.Issue price:N/A
7.Number of shares subscribed for by or allocated to employees:N/A
8.Number of shares publicly sold:N/A
9.Ratio of shares subscribed by or allotted as stock dividends to existing shareholders:100%
10.Handling method for fractional shares and shares unsubscripted for by the deadline:N/A
11.Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares: The same as the existing shares
12.Utilization of the funds from the capital increase: To strengthen capital structure
13.Any other matters that need to be specified:None

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