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Our company was ranked the top 6%~20% of listed companies for the 5th ‘’2018 Assessment of Corporate Governance’’ TXC Corporation

The result of the ‘’Assessment of Corporate Governance for 2018‘’jointly held by TWSE and Taipei Exchange was announced on Apr. 30th, 2019. The Company has won the top 5% of the listed companies for three consecutive times. Within the assessment of 1,554 listed companies this year, our company was ranked the top 6%~20% of the listed companies. In the future, we will do external assessment of the board of directors’ performance in accordance with the company's policy, to disclose more corporate governance related information on the website, to strengthen the operation of the board of directiors, adhere to the spirit of the corporate governance, which upholds shareholders’ rights and treats them equally, and expect to repay the development and business performance to related rights holders through the transparent and public information in order to fulfill the social responsibility of the corporate. For related information, please refer to the websites as below:

TWSE Corporate Governance Center: http://cgc.twse.com.tw/evaluationCorp/listCh
Securities & Futures Institute: http://www.sfi.org.tw/finance/finance1/finance1_1
Market Observation Post System: http://mops.twse.com.tw/mops/web/index


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