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Announcement of CPA replacement due to accouting firm internal reorganization TXC Corporation

1.Date of the board of directors resolution (Date of occurrence of the event):2019/04/25
2.Name of the original accounting firm:Deloitte & Touche
3.Name of the original CPA 1:Lin, Yi-Hui
4.Name of the original CPA 2:Weng, Po-Jen
5.Name of the new accounting firm:Deloitte & Touche
6.Name of the new CPA 1:Hsieh, Ming-Chung
7.name of the new CPA 2:Su, Yu-Hsiu
8.Reason for the replacement:Accouting firm internal reorganization starting from 2019 first quarter.
9.Specify that whether the company or the original CPA deciceded to terminate or discontinue the engagement:none
10.Date of the company notify or receive from the CPA about the termination: 2019/3/29
11.Was there adjustments or suggestions on major internal control improvement matters in filed or in-preparation financial report of the latest 2 fiscal years:no
12.Was there any divergence in opinion between the Company and the original CPA concerning above aujustments or suggestions?(If so, please specify.):none
13.Whether the company consult the new CPA regarding the adjustments and suggestions and probable opinion before official engagement?(If so, please specify.):none
14.Whether the originail CPA was authorized to fully response to the reasonable inquiries(including divergent opinion on above matters) from the new CPA:none
15.Any other matters that need to be specified:no

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