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TNTT Technical Presentation TXC Corporation

To encourage product technological advancement and RD research result sharing, TXS hosted the TNTT presentation today (June 5th), proceeding with a line meeting between three sites. Before the presentation, President Peter Lin gave special encouragement and affirmation to presenting colleagues, and expressed expectation for technical ingraining and knowledge sharing


The presentation proceeded in turn along six axes, including “Application of Wafer Vibration and Surface Analytic Technique on Tolerance and Process Design”, “Rubber Material Activation Energy and Rheological Property Discussion”, “Improvement of Frequency Drift after Reflow Process for Seam Type XTAL with Ag Film”, “Simulation Techniques in Component Design of TXC”, “New Product Launch Corresponding to ASIC Design Trend Discussion”, “ Stress Compensated Cut Crystal Design and Process Development” and “Assessment for new material”. After the presentation, Chairman Lin specifically encouraged colleagues that technology is the root of company development. There must be in-depth rooting and a persistent R &D and innovative spirit to achieve long-term aspiration and sustaining operation. Bonus awards were given afterward to participating staff as a show of affirmation.




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