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The Company was Awarded the “Corporate Governance Evaluation Award” TXC Corporation

The third round of Corporate Governance Evaluation Award ceremony on the 23rd was co-hosted by FSC Chairman Lee Ruey-tsang, TWSE Chairman Shih Jun-ji and TPEx Chairman Chen Yung-cheng for discretion. The company has consecutively made it to the list of the top 5% of listed companies for the second and third round. As such, upon acknowledgment of winning, President Lin Wan-xing reminded staff to uphold the resolve of continuous self-improvement, and to continue going forward unafraid of obstacles like the Gump spirit. Thus can one march steadily under the competitive pressure of today’s environment. The obtaining of awards is an encouragement and affirmation, it is also an urging and reminder to remain humble and contemplative while keeping from becoming complacent and ostentation. Vice President Li Wan-jin represented the company to be awarded at the ceremony, and was photographed with TAIFEX Chairman Liu Len-yu.




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