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Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) Charter Ceremony TXC Corporation

The company was selected by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) in March 2016, which then entrusted the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan (ITRI) for on-site ISO 14051 (material flow cost accounting, hereafter as MFCA) technical assistance. After the efforts of colleagues, we have officially passed attestation of the MFCA.


On May 11th morning, dignitaries from the IDB, ITRI and British Standard Institution (BSI) were specially invited to carry out the charter. IDB chief Pan Jian-cheng and BSI presented the crystal trophy and certification to our company Chairman Lin.


IDB chief Pan Jian-cheng indicated that MFCA is promoted for its reduction of unnecessary waste, which in turn economizes resources and costs to increase enterprise competitiveness. TXC President Pu mentioned that client requests are becoming ever more demanding, with profits relatively meager as a result. Thus, exploring possible niches by means of cost analysis is a major topic going forward. In addition, the Chairman and President Pu thanks IDB for its support and assistance to the industry.


The charter process was simple yet solemn, and ended smoothly with a final photo shoot of all attending colleagues.





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