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First-Quarter “Occupational Safety & Health Committee” and “Labor-Management Conference” of 2017 TXC Corporation

Our company held its “Occupational Safety & Health Committee” and “Labor-Management Conference” for 2017 on the afternoon of March 22, 2017, and a total of 16 representatives of the labor and capital and members of the committee attended on that day.
In addition to carrying out a presentation of fourteen issues about routine labor trends, production information, employees’ various welfare, etc. this time, the labor-management conference corrected the current “Prevention measures, declaration, and punishment for harassment and abuse in the workplace” within companies, especially on the regulation of “Gender Equality in Employment Act”, and it would be announced immediately after approval.


In addition to regular issues, the following issues were specially discussed in the Occupational Safety & Health Committee:
1. The issue of which environments storage lockers with toxic chemicals should be placed in.
   Suitable storage lockers with suction fans were proposed in the conference to comply with the relevant laws and legislation and to safeguard employees so that they could work in a safe work environment.
2. The issue for detection of noise in the perimeter:
   2. The issue for detection of noise in the perimeter: The operation volume of the blowing machine was found to be too high while detecting noise on perimeter last year. After communicating, the factory nearby agreed to add several measures, such as sound-absorbing cotton, to block the noise. After that, our company carried out noise detection on the perimeter by entrusting a third party in early March, and it met the standards.
3. The issue for MFCA
   A certification had been acquired for MFCA, however, it was not obvious for cost saving. This year, we will search for an external unit again to review the process of MFCA for the “Production process of clips” to search for an opportunity to improve.
4. The issue for assessment of equipment risk:
   Reassessment of equipment risk was especially required to be carried out at the last conference, and now each unit has carried out reassessment and confirmation. The conference chairman required each supervisor to pay attention to the possible risk of the machinery equipment and to provide the necessary security functions to avoid any injury. It was asked to transmit the requirements of the conference to the related employees through each representative.





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