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The announcement regarding the board of directors resolve shareholders' meeting of 2017 TXC Corporation

1.Date of the board of directors resolution:2017/03/09
2.Date for convening the shareholders' meeting:2017/06/08
3.Location for convening the shareholders' meeting:
  No.4, Kung Yeh 6th Rd., Ping Cheng Industrial District, Tao Yuan(Conference Hall)
4.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting(1)Report Items:
  1. Business report of 2016
  2. Statement of financial reports of 2016, audited by audit committee
  3. Distribution of rewards for directors and employees of 2016
5.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting(2)Matters for Ratification:
  1.Proposal regarding business report and financial report of 2016
  2.Proposal regarding surplus distribution of 2016
6.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting(3)Matters for Discussion:
  1. Revision regarding proposal of ”Regulations Governing theAcquisition and Disposal of Assets”
7.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting(4)Elections:None
8.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting(5)Other Proposals:None
9.Cause or subjects for convening the meeting(6)Extemporary Motions:None
10.Book closure starting date:2017/04/10
11.Book closure ending date:2017/06/08
12.Any other matters that need to be specified:
  (1).Surplus distribution of 2016 is expected to announce 40 days before shareholders' meeting.
  (2).Accept the shareholders proposal in accordance with Article 172 of the Corporate Law and the relevant laws and         regulations.
         a.Accepted period: 2017/04/02-2017/04/11 (9am-5pm)
         b.Accepted location: Financial Division of TXC Corporation(No.4, Kung Yeh 6th Rd.,Ping Cheng Industrial                         District, Tao Yuan)
  (3).The shareholders' meeting of 2017 allows shareholders to adopt electronic voting; related execution methods are         in accordance with article 177-1 of Corporate Law and specified in announcement of shareholders' meeting.


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