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Retirement of Associate Hsu Jui-li TXC Corporation

Associate Ms. Hsu Jui-li is officially retired today after 17 years of service. Executives from the Production Center threw a farewell party for Ms. Hsu at her last day of work and presented her with gifts to express their recognition and gratitude. In addition to that, Deputy Manager Li Wan-chin of the Management Center also represented the company in presenting her with a certificate of recognition which said:

Permanent spring of life, commemorating your figure with the highest recognition;

Fly a thousand miles away, listen to the new sound of flutes at the Stage of the Phoenix.


We thank the years of hard work from Ms. Hsu and welcome her to participate in the activities of our company’s retiree association. We hereby express our greatest blessings to Ms. Hsu Jui-li.


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