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The self-calculated net income before tax of TXC in September. TXC Corporation
The self-calculated net sales of TXC Corporation(3042) is NTD$323.77 million (+11.9%MoM,+20.1%YoY) in September of 2005, and the accumulated net sales up to September of 2005 is NTD$2,436.87 million (+15.7%YoY). The gross profit is 91.08 million (+23.6%MoM,+78.65%YoY) in September. The overall gross profit is well expected based upon the contribution from new customers and newly released products.
The net income before tax is NTD$60.59 million (+233.6%MoM,+140.9%YoY) in September of 2005 which includes the exchange income NT$9.89 million. Thus, the net income before tax in September is substantially higher than August. Accumulated speaking, the net income before tax is NTD$314.22 million (+64.7%YoY) from January to September and the number will go up NTD$36.80 million when added in our subsidiary companies.
In total, the net consolidated income before tax is NTD$351.02 million and the EPS before tax by self-calculated amount is expected to be NT1.90 based upon the paid-in capital as NTD$1,815 million.

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