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Miniature Size OCXO for 5G Telecommunication Devices TXC Corporation


TXC has announced an ultra-miniature oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) with the size of 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm by fully automated in-house process. The oven structure combined within TXC’s patented ThermSymTM technology using a heater-embedded ceramic package provides excellent thermal performance, achieving temperature stability within +/-20ppb across -40 to 95C.

TXC’s ThermSymTM ultra-miniature OCXO not only provides more robust and smaller also with the ASIC-built-in technology of TXC OH series, 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm OCXO has applied unique and own-developed thermal symmetry design, which is outperform the product performances in between crystal and IC with respect to the embedded heater and perfect thermal isolation. Additionally, a 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm high-Q SC-cut crystal is utilized to further improve the temperature stability, aging, gravity sensitivity, and phase noise performance that can meet the strict requirements of 5G Remote Radio Head (RRH), and small cell applications.

Product Advantage
TXC 7.0mm x 5.0 mm OCXO achieves better holdover and stability to match most of scenario requirement compared to the traditional high-end TCXO with same packaging size. (Same Size with Better Performances) Refer to Stability versus package size of OCXOs and TCXOs in above figure. TXC OCXO outperforms not only in stability but in phase noise performance compared to MEMS-based oscillators.


Key Features & Advantages Includes:

  • Smallest Footprint : 7.0 x 5.0 mm for design dimension saving.
  • Outstanding Frequency vs Temperature Performances : ±20ppb, -40 to 95C(up to 105C is available upon request)
  • Excellent Holdover and Wander Performances: Meet 5G network synchronization
  • Low Phase Noise : Overwhelmed the performance all over S3-TCXO and MEMS TCXO level.
  • G-sensitivity : Less than 1ppb/G for 5G extreme outdoor environment.
  • Better Reliability with built-in ASIC and robust embedded heater patented design.

Product Benefits

Feature Benefits
High-Q SC-Cut Crystal Unit Low Phase Noise
Low Aging Performance
Excellent Short-Term Stability
Excellent Gravity sensitivity
Miniaturized Oven Structure High Temperature Stability
High Frequency Stability Against Airflow Environment
Highly Integrated Circuit Technology ASIC based, superior reliability compared to traditional discrete OCXO
Small Package Size Low Power Consumption
Layout Space Saving
Phase Noise Performance Better Phase Noise Performance Compared to S3-TCXO and MEMS-TCXO to match advanced requirement of 5G Wireless Telco equipment.


Note : The testing data indicates the electrical characteristic performance under the testing criteria under related 5G applications requirements. *The carrier is 30.72Mhz* (Supports frequencies from 10 to 50 MHz)
Please feel free to contact us for any special requirement (-40 to +105C is available upon request)


About TXC Corporation:
As a leading global industry provider of timing solutions, TXC has been deploying the corresponding product portfolio of frequency devices with ultra-high and low key parameters to fulfill all 5G applications.

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