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TXC Total Timing Solutions for All 5G Applications TXC Corporation

  TXC has been playing a significant role in providing frequency control solutions in a wide variety of fields during 3G and 4G years. With the booming of network & ecosystem connectivity in new 5G technology era, TXC is also well-prepared for the complete frequency control solutions to fulfill all 5G applications of usage scenarios that defined in the latest standard from 3GPP. Check out our 5G applications deployment and the complete solutions for 5G network infrastructure at our new website: http://www.txccorp.com/5G and contact our 5G team for further discussion. Thank you.


TW, Headquarter - Ping Cheng Factory

Contact Window Shannon Chen

Tel +886-3-4698121 (#2118)

eMail shannonchen@txc.com.tw

US, Southern California - Brea Office

>Contact Window Paul Chen

Tel +1-714-990-5510 (#6616)

eMail paulchen@txc.com.tw

EU - Germany Office

Contact Window Adam Chung

Tel +49 6007 9916508

eMail adamchung@txc.com.tw

CN - Shanghai Office

Contact Window Peter Zhang

Tel +86-21-58318060 (#6224)

eMail npeterzhang@txc.com.tw

JP - Yokohama Office

Contact Window Mr. Nakamura Shigeki

Tel +81 45 477 5305 Ext: 6802

eMail s.nakamura@txc.com.tw

KR - Korea Office

Contact Window Ivan Chiang

Tel +886-3-4698121 (#2188)

eMail ivanchiang@txc.com.tw


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Sophia--Special Assistant to President

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