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    Since the Chairman of TXC Corporation, Mr. Paul Lin, President Mr. Peter Lin and the directors grew up in rural villages, and they started from nothing and worked hard. Their living environment and education paths were filled with difficulties and hardships. However, in the early days of starting the business, there were always helped from benefactors with each difficulty they encountered. These instances often come along with feelings of deep appreciation, and later the business gradually grew steadily. They were frequently assisted by their upstream and downstream manufacturers and customers, which lead to their field of business today.

    Due to the appreciation of the help they received all the way through the growth and entrepreneurial process, and commitment to the kindness, the chairman and directors believe that "Whatever is taken from society, use it for society" as the heart of their moral guide for giving back. After the discussion with the members of TXC Board of Directors, and resounding agreement, they decided to jointly invest in the establishment of "TXC Foundation", which completed its registration earlier this year. You are invited to access the official website of the TXC Foundation to learn more about its mission. The following are the main operating directions of the Foundation:


Cultivate the Next Generation, Rooted in Education

For outstanding students with potential in different areas and different schools, a certain amount of scholarships and project sponsorships are provided every year to encourage them continuing their efforts to learn, and lay a solid foundation for future. Also, students who receive the award are expected to extend their learning and give back to society.


Encourage Innovation, Enhance Research

In order to uphold the spirit of “Learn the Truth, Solve the Problem”, the foundation has been soliciting papers from the public with engineering technology backgrounds every year, and organizing the publication of the papers by TXC. With the requirements and applications development of customers, the foundation expects to obtain innovative and effective solutions with mechanism analysis, and implement them into the development of technology and products.


Public Welfare Emergency Assistance, Care for Disadvantaged Groups

Since 2017, the foundation has combined resources of the Company's "Volunteer Society" to expand the effectiveness of its services, and to improve the social peace and stability by practicing the Company's mission of caring for the public welfare and fulfilling the corporate responsibilities.





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