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Emergency response training

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We build up emergency prevention classification of emergent handling, emergent handling level classification and emergent care reaction plan for emergent cases caused by natural disaster or accident injury, such as fire, explosion, power shut down, flood, typhoon, toxic chemical substances, we also hold file drills and emergent response drills at least twice a year from every unit representatives. Professional instructors from the fire from time to time conduct courses including firefighters, ambulance personnel training, communication liaison training, security personnel training and evacuation guide personnel training, they carry on exercise with local fire authorities to maintain the company’s overall security to stop and prevent risk or accidence occurrence. So that employees’ health and safety and company’s property could be down to minimum impact.

Item Subject Image
1 Notification drill     
2 Refuge drill      
3 Security protection drill       
4 Rescue drill      
5 firefighting drill       
6 Toxic Chemicals Emergency Response