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Health Management

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TXC employee health is among our most important corporate resources. TXC has committed over the long term to ensure a healthy workplace, providing physicians on site and full-time nursing staff for competent professional clinical advice, as well as regularly providing a variety of health information and disease prevention seminars, to help meet employee and family member health needs. In employee health matters, we regularly provide physicals, including standard physicals, special phsyicals, and management physicals, while ensuring that any employees needing follow-up therapeutic management and guidance will achieve appropriate care, while helping empower all our employees to appreciate their personal health status.

Item Month of Activity Activity Name Description Collaboration Partner Image


Health Enhancement Seminar, Proper Eating for a Health Immune System Medical expert invited to speak at the factory to break though colleague misconceptions on nutrition and immunology so as to promote concepts of well-being. An-Fa Clinic – Dr. Wang Kuei-liang, Medical Director  


Women's Day – Outdoor Health Walk Cooperated with the National Health Insurance Administration and Taoyuan County government to jointly participate in the Women's Day Health Walk and Group Outing and encouraged employees to bring family members along for health and fun. Taoyuan County Government Social Welfare Bureau, Taoyuan Public Health Bureau, Public Health Service Center  


Stand together to quit smoking–Quit-smoking Campaign Serial activity As a means to effectively assist colleagues to successively quit smoking and distance themselves from smoking's harmful effects, the “Stand Together to Quit Smoking” campaign was launched this year. The Chairman and CEO joined together with colleagues of all levels in responding to the call for action. Pingzheng City Public Health Service Center, Li Shin Hospital  


Free Bone Density Test This event encouraged TXC employees to be aware of bone health and raise awareness of the risk of osteoporosis. Min Sheng General Hospital  


Free pap smear screening TXC encourages female plant workers to fully utilize the pap test resources provided through the public health offices, to raise their awareness of the risks of cervical cancer. Pingzheng City Public Health Service Center  


HPV Seminar This event was held in collaboration with the Taoyuan County Government’s HPV inoculation policy, targeted at schoolgirls from grades 7 to 9. The seminar provided TXC employees with valuable information on HPV inoculation. Hungchi Women and Children’s Hospital  


Win-Win Communication TXC invited professional lecturers to coach employees on how best to establish positive interpersonal relationships and the techniques of win-win communication. Teacher Chang Foundation  


In-house HPV vaccination In conjunction with government promotion, TXC has organized the vaccination to enhance colleagues’ cancer prevention knowledge and understanding of the HPV vaccine. Xin-An Clinic  


In-house health checkup for special operations Through health checkup designed for personnel involved in special operations, the Company strove to increase onsite operators’ knowledge of environmental hazard while offering health management services for the involved personnel to prevent the incidence of occupational illnesses. Min-Sheng General Hospital  


Health seminars for foreign employees With relevant government resources, TXC has organized seminars on enterovirus illness prevention and precautions for foreign employees to help them acquire better understanding of the illnesses. Pingzheng District Health Center  


TCM stress relief seminar By inviting qualified TCM physicians to host seminars on the common illnesses for office workers and meridian massages, the activity is intended to help colleagues gain better understanding of maintaining health and methods of stress relief. Fengze TMC Clinic  


Spiritual Feast Concert In conjunction with the Spiritual Feast Concert organized by Teacher Chang Foundation, the event enabled employees to be exposed to diversified activities of stress relief and relaxation while enlightening them on the benefits of “compassion”. Teacher Chang Foundation  


Seeds of Sunshine Training In conjunction with the “Work and Life Balance Plan” launched by the Ministry of Labor, the Company has introduced this training to help employees cultivate their observational skills and care for their peers. Teacher Chang Foundation  


Autonomous weight loss management activity The activity is designed to encourage colleagues to cultivate the habits of exercising regularly and having balanced diets. Independently organized  


Smoking-Free Healthy Workplace Campaign The event is designed with the intention of eradicating tobacco hazards in the workplace and helping smokers to quit their addiction. Independently organized  


Resident pharmacist service seminar By collaborating with contracted pharmacies along with services provided by the in-house resident pharmacist, colleagues will be able to take advantage of services for filling prescriptions for chronic illnesses and medication consultation. Yes Chain Pharmacy  
Item Activity Name Description Collaboration Partner Image
1 A smart Papa and Mama child (infant) care experience sharing activity To advance colleagues’ knowledge and ability in child (infant) care, various myths on childcare (infant) are clarified after information sharing and discussions between professional medical staff and colleagues on various childcare (infant) issues collected and organized by the infirmary. Pingzhen City Health Care Administration  
2 Master in cancer prevention – a cancer (oral cancer, cervical cancer) screening test By utilizing the government's resources, a free pap smear and oral cancer screening test is organized at the place of work to encourage the participation of colleagues, and enhance colleagues' concept of cancer prevention. Pingzhen City Health Care Administration  
3 Relieve stress and embrace the future - a free shoulder and neck massage relaxation activity In line with the government's promotional activity, A free shoulder and neck massage relaxation activity is held at the place of work to serve colleagues that have need for relaxation. Labor and Human Resources Bureau, Taoyuan County Government  
4 Being strict or lenient? A necessity of both parenting styles seminar To enhance colleagues' knowledge and abilities in relation to child discipline and to clarify the myth of parenting, experts and scholars are invited to give speeches at the place of work. Family Education Center,Taoyuan County Government  
5 A creating one’s own healthy eating plate activity In line with a healthy eating plate mobile application downloading activity promoted by the Taoyuan County Government to enhance colleagues'concept of a healthy and balanced diet, and a self-controlled body weight. Taoyuan County Government  
6 A stress at places of work and coping strategies seminar Boost colleagues' cognition and awareness of stress at the place of work, and further let colleagues learn ways of handling and relieving stress through this course. Teacher Chang Foundation  
7 No drowning in hot summers – a drowning prevention promotional activity Work with fire safety organizations to encourage colleagues and their family members to participate in a drowning prevention promotional activity outside the place of work, so parents and children's knowledge and abilities relating to drowning pretention and emergency rescue can be improved. Fire Bureau, Taoyuan County  
8 Lecture activity: Happiness in Romance: Love without Boundaries A gender expert was invited to the factory for a lecture on Deciphering the Myths of Love and Romance: Boosting our Cross-gender Emotional Quotient (EQ). Taoyuan County Government Household Education Center  
9 Holiday Off-site Health Walk Colleagues and dependents were invited to accompany local public health officers on a walk to support the Smoke-free Healthy Life Campaign. Taoyuan County Public Health Bureau, Pingjen City Public Health Center  
10 3rd Session of the Weight Class Series The company's total weight loss result reached 320Kg (as of the end of October) through the concerted efforts of our weight class students and the extensive support of local public health officials. Taoyuan County Public Health Bureau, Pingjen City Public Health Center  
11 Lecture: Being Master of the Purse – Managing Family Finances A wealth planning expert was invited to lecture as a means to strengthen the financial IQ of our colleagues. Teacher Chang Foundation – Taoyuan Branch  
12 TXC 30 – Sporting Event Activity – Health Advocacy Station The Company promotes healthy concepts among employees and their dependents through its sponsored Sporting Event and advocacy for healthy living. Pingjen Public Health Center  
13 On-site influenza vaccination A more healthy work environment and reduction of on-site flu outbreaks is enhanced through on-site preventative seasonal influenza vaccinations. Taipei Veterans General Hospital - Taoyuan Branch  
14 Periodic Indoor Physical Examination To promote the health of our colleagues, the company sponsors periodic on-site intensive physical check-ups to give colleagues perspective on their individual health status. Taipei Veterans General Hospital - Taoyuan Branch  
15 Healthy Activities Series (Individual Health Consultation, follow-up examination) Periodic on-site Health Check-ups and medical professional visits increase Colleague awareness of their physical health and express the company’s good intentions to care for employees. Factory Assigned Doctor of Taipei Veterans General Hospital - Taoyuan Branch  
16 Physical Conditioning Testing Colleague awareness of their physical condition and concepts for healthy exercise habits strengthened through individual physical conditioning testing. Sports Commission for the National Taiwan Sport University Team  
Item Activity Name Description Collaboration Partner Image
1 Guarding Health 1.0 - Medical report consulting and tracking for 2011 Medical report examinations are used to screen medical abnormalities in employees, to be followed up on by the on-site physician who will provide health information and services On-site physician, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taoyuan Branch  
2 Clearing away the smoke - Smoking prevention lecture program Carbon monoxide detectors and lectures programs on tobacco's harmful effects are used to educate employees on the dangers of smoking Pingjhen City Health Clinic  
3 Marching for Health - Smokeless strides walk Used in conjunction with Taoyuan County Government activities to encourage employees to develop healthy regular exercise patterns Taoyuan County Health Bureau  
4 Weight Loss Program: Third installment (Healthy eating, exercise guidance courses, etc.) To continue to promote the concept of healthy weight loss, and encourage employees to develop a healthy exercise and eating habits North District Center for Promotion of Health in the Workplace, aoyuan County Health Bureau, Pingjhen City Health Clinic  
5 The TXC Family Day and Activities for Health Family Day, which the company hosts, is used to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees and their families and to show that the company cares Pingjhen City Health Clinic  
6 Love in Motion - CPR awarenesss activities Taoyuan County Government activities aimed at the general populace, to encourage employees to learn CPR first aid techniques Taoyuan County Government, Shanfeng Fire Department  
7 The 10,000 Person Guinness Book of World Records Challenge To particpate in the 10,000 Person CPR Challenge, hosted by the Taoyuan County Government in an attempt to set a new Guinness world record Taoyuan County Government, Shanfeng Fire Department  
8 2012 Factory scheduled special operations medical examination activities Special operations medical examination activities are used to ensure that employees involved in special operations are looked after and that they receive health tracking management services Taipei Veterans General Hospital - Taoyuan Branch  
Item Activity Name Description Collaboration Partner Image
1 Testing and publicity of bone mineral density Osteoporosis is no longer an issue of the elderly. Testing and publicity of bone mineral density assist colleagues enhancing awareness for bone mineral density Taoyuan Minsheng Hospital  
2 Phase 2 weight loss class—series of events This is in response to government’s “Move the waist a 100 times” healthy weight loss resources, build an autonomous concept of health for employees and promote autonomous exercise and healthy dietary habits National Health Bureau, Taoyuan County Health Bureau  
3 Forum on infectious stomach and intestine diseases for foreign national employees This is aimed to enhance the concept of health for foreign national employees, improve autonomous hygienic habits and jointly create a healthy living environment. Pinchen Municipal Health Center  
4 Source of happy marriage—forum on healthy and innovative husband and wife happy relationship To foster understanding on how to improve interaction of both sexes and family (husband and wife, parents and children), this event aims to enhance confidence and achieve positive feedback and breakthrough traditional reservation in expressing love and the excessive myth of shyness Taoyuan County Government Family Education Center  
5 Free Pap smear against cervix cancer Cervix cancer is listed among the top 10 cancer mortality of women. Career women often overlook personal health because of work and family. Pap smear event aims to enhance women’s understanding for autonomous health Pinchen Municipal Health Center  
6 Shoulder-Neck massage to relieve tension Visually-impaired massage master helps relieve employee tension with shoulder-neck massage Taoyuan County Blind Welfare Association  
7 Seasonal flu vaccination activity Seasonal flu peaks from November to January every year. This event aims to prevent flu epidemic and reduce the incidence rate of factory employees and create a healthy and safe working environment Pinchen Municipal Health Center  
8 Health 100—Annual physical check-up for factory employees Employee health is the joint pillar of family and company. The year-end physical check-up is a regular inspection of personal health Taoyuan Veterans Hospital/Pinchen Municipal Health Center  
Item Activity Name Description Collaboration Partner Image
1 Cancer orevention activities-- Oral cancer Enhancing employee awareness of three phase five stage cancer prevention, the importance of early detection and treatment, and provision of free employee oral cancer screening Pingjhen Municipal Health Center , Taoyuan County  
2 All Employee Smoking Cessation Use of CO CO equipment and individual consultations to aid in quitting smoking by enhancing confidence for sustained success over smoking addiction and achieving the objective of smoking cessation Pingjhen Municipal Health Center , Taoyuan County  
3 Weight loss class Relying on the Basis 2009 annual physical exam results analysis indicating high BMI, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension, were closely correlated with being overweight and obesity status,our medical office planned a series of weight loss classes to help employees with healthy wieght loss and nutrition advice, while encouraging greater exercise to ensure fitness Min-Sheng Hospital, Pingjhen Municipal Health Center , Taoyuan County   
4 Health seminars on avoiding metabolic syndrome Relying on the Ten Preeminent Domestic Mortality Causes to discuss health issues, and empower employees to learn to abide by the advice for «Three Less and One More» (less fat, less salt, less sugar, and more fruit and vegetables) as the dietary path to avoiding disease, ensuring employee awareness of healthy nutritional concepts    
5 Workplace seminars on prevention of cardiovascular disease To enhance preventive executive awareness of workplace exhaustion hazards, through advocacy events, ensuring understanding of acute circulatory disease among employers/employees, improving operating unit preventive measures and outcomes, to reduce impacts on employees and industry from such diseases Environmental and Occupational Medicine Association (R.O.C.), Occupational and Environmental Medicine Department, National Cheng Kung University Hospital  
6 Heart SPA--Rapid Stress Relief method The course allowed greater recognition of the meaning of workplace stress, and provided experience in emotional adjustment through the Heart SPA techniques to relieve personal stress Environmental and Occupational Medicine Association (R.O.C.), Occupational and Environmental Medicine Department, National Cheng Kung University Hospital  
Item Activity Name Description Collaboration Partner Image
1 Finding the right way to relieve stress Learn how to face stress using a set of simple, natural methods to adjust your emotions, relieve anxiety, and control your feelings Teacher Chang Foundation  
2 LOHAS at work- the art of sculpting communications Learn to appreciate the dimensions of diverse thinking styles, behavior patterns, potential landmines, work style, dealing with emotions, handling interpersonal conflicts, in the search for effective interactive techniques    
3 Revitalization- through neck and shoulder massage Hire the visually impaired ( and Blind people )Deploying massage specialists to our facilities to help provide stress-relieving neck and shoulder massage Taoyuan County Welfare Association for the Blind  
4 Seasonal Influenza vaccinations As the seasonal influenza season approaches in the fall, we plan to encourage employee participation in our "Employee influenza vaccination effort"to achieve disease prevention and reduce our facility illness rates, allowing our employees carefree work in a healthy and safe workplace Department of Health Taoyuan Hospital  
5 Hypertension seminars Through course explanations of "Approaches to sodium intake reduction", we empower employees to understand how to control their blood pressure through diet, and by establishing blood pressure monitoring stations in our medical office, we ensure continuous self-monitoring of blood pressure status, enhancing employee self-health management Bureau of National Health  
6 Seminar on the hidden causes behind chronic disease Through course contents we empower employees to understand "self-testing for hepatic disease," "dietary prevention of stroke," "detecting autonomic nervous system disorders" and "acidic body type testing", aiding employees to appreciate methods of improved self-health management    
7 H1N1 Vaccination activities To help prevent H1N1 transmission, we planned a "50% reimbursement of vaccination costs activity in conjunction with public health H1N1 vaccination efforts", encouraging all employees to participate, to achieve disease prevention and reduce facility illness rates, allowing our employees carefree work in a healthy and safe workplace Pingjhen Municipal Health Center, Taoyuan County