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Specific Measures in health and safety management

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Our Safety and health management system applies a pre-review approach:

1.Risk assessment: safety and health risk assessments are conducted on a periodic triennial basis, and whenever any new processes are in development or introduced, such as with the introduction of new chemicals, machinery and equipment, with deployment of all appropriate precautionary measures or other necessary controls to reduce risks to within an acceptable range.

2.Regulatory compliance: all updated safety and health regulations are reviewd quarterly, with compliance audits every six months, to ascertain impacts or areas in need of improvement, and undertake health and safety risk assessment, to minimize possible impacts , ensuring corporate compliance with all laws and regulatory requirement, with all such periodic assessments published on our corporate intraweb.

3.Establishing objectives, target areas and management plans: to ensure implementation of our environmental and safety and health policies, we rely on risk assessment and regulatory compliance audits, to establish priority areas for risk improvement efforts, and where the regulatory environment does not conform to stakeholder expectations, we establish additional safety and health guidelines to continually improve our workplace environmental safety and health risks, while enhancing our corporate safety and health performance.

No Objectives Target Area Management Plan
1 Prevent operators from danger of scalding while operating the equipment Improve the risk of burns Equipment additional temperature measurement mechanism
2 Factory vehicle access control Effective control of vehicle traffic and factory safety Vehicle electronic label control of the factory implementation
3 Reliability Laboratory Regional Security Monitoring Install CCTV reliability monitoring labs for regional security Reliability Laboratory CCTV Settings
No Objectives Target Area Management Plan
1 Prevention of occupational hazards. Correlating the waste to meet the requirements. Establish etching waste management program.
No Objectives Target Area Management Plan
1 Vehicle permit applications for automobiles, motorcycles and correct identification by swiping backward plant to enhance the vehicle into the plant control Complete the fence engineering, testing and promotion jobs on July 20, 2013. Fence Machine Works
2 A healthy workplace environment, providing a wide range of health care Employees to use more than 90% The creation of visually impaired Mill Neck massage to relieve pressure station services program
3 Prevention of occupational accidents Completed the device on September 9, 2013, in order to reduce the risk Added fence case for wastewater treatment plant sludge thickener
No Objectives Target Area Management Plan
1 Improve 2nd floor Building B cleaning room odor Improve odor Improve 2nd floor Building B cleaning room odor
2 Improve 1st floor Building B equipment maintenance room odor Improve odor Improve 1st floor Building B equipment maintenance room odor
3 Implement contractor plant entry for construction work management Compliance with laws and regulations Contractor plant entry for construction work management implementation and simplification project
4 Continue to promote self-exercise routine, establish health maintenance concepts among employees

1. 100 students signed up 2. A total of 300 kg in weight reduction reach at the end of July 2013

Stage 3 weight reduction activity program
5 Set up focal plant area and job responsibilities 1. Coordinate fast communication between security and plant affairs 2. Meet emergency response requirements Walkie-talkie relay reporting system addition control project
6 Effective monitoring of vehicles entering plant, air separation plant operation and surrounding activities Strengthen nighttime access, air separation plant CCTV to effectively prevent outside people or vehicles from entering plant CCTV addition control project
No Objectives Target Area Management Plan
1 Set up employee autonomous health concept, promote the habit of autonomous movement Overall weight reduction to reach 100kg by end Nov 2011 Health 100 event program
2 Set up safety supply chain management to ensure product and supply chain safety Acquire AEO and ISO28000 certificate by end Nov 2011 Safety supply chain system setup program
3 Reduce theft of finished goods in Far East Glory Warehouse and placement of foreign objects Expand monitoring of Far East Glory warehouse Far East Glory monitoring system setup
4 Entrance/exit control Complete setting of access control by latter half of June Access control program
5 Effectively control entry/exit of people and vehicles Complete installation of CCTV to effectively prevent intrusion into factory by outsiders or vehicles CCTV control program
6 Prevent intrusion into factory by strangers Erect factory fence facility before mid August Factory fence facility erection program
7 Check mail package for explosives Buy metal detector before end June Set up acceptance inspection mechanism program
8 Access control to production line in A building Complete access control for A2F, A3F, A4Ffloors before end August Access control to production line in A building
9 Continue to set up healthy environment for workplace and provide employee a diversified health care To win award statue of Council for Labor Affairs for outstanding enterprises in Dec 2011 Evaluation program for outstanding business units with employee assistance for 2011
10 Recruit professional security guards for access control work Select security company before end Sep Factory area security operation changed to outsourced security guard establishment
11 Strengthen mesh fence facilities of chemical warehouse To complete mesh metallic fence adding height project before end Sep Set up floor to ceiling rack of chemical warehouse in G building
No Objectives Target Area Management Plan
1 Establish employee self-responsibility for health, with medical referrsals as required Before May 2010, ensure access to at least 3 accredited hospitals and clinics for physicals Employee Physicals Clinical Retainer plan
2 Continue to promote health information, establishing employee awareness of self-responsibility for health By December 2010 achieve total weight loss of 100kg among our Weight Loss Program participants Weight Loss Program
3 Undertake occupational health and safety management and continuous improvement October 2010 , we obtained OHSAS18001 certification Occupational Safety and Health System Certification
4 Ensure a healthy workplace, improve workplace health promotion December 2010 we obtained Health Endeavor and Health Promotion accreditation Healthy workplace certification plan
No Objectives Target Area Management Plan
1 Obtain approval for occupational safety and health management performance November 2009, we obtained occupational health and safety performance accreditation Occupational Safety and Health management performance accreditation plan
2 Procurement management and ensuring contractors compliance with safety and health requirements August 2009, we achieved all contractor safety and health awareness Contractor health and safety training plan
3 Procurement management and ensuring contractors compliance with safety and health requirements June 2009, finalize guidelines Procurement safety and health management plan
4 Ensure proper hazard warning postings to help prevent occupational accidents August 2009, deploy all hazard warning signs Hazard warning facility wide inventory and display plan
5 Ensure proper hazard warning postings to help prevent occupational accidents August 2009 complete all auxiliary warnings Facility-Wide Auxiliary warning inventory and display plan
6 Provide appropriate protective equipment to prevent occupational accidents July 2009 completion Facility-Wide protective equipment Inventory and Use plan
7 Ensure facility ingress/egress security station main gate hazard safety June 2009 completion Security Station warning light installation plan
8 Establish facility-wide equipment points of inspection inventory June 2009 completion Periodic Inspection Plan
9 Ensure employees have hazardous substance awareness through hazard information sheets Complete a suitable hazard awareness plan establish hazard awareness plan
10 Prevent occupational diseases, continue protecting employee health June 2009 completion implementing occupational health management plan
11 Enhance safety and health awareness, ensure hazard prevention capacity December 2009, completion Occupational safety and health training management plan
12 Fall-related risk-prevention in wastewater treatment plant operations June 2009, completion Wastewater treatment plant perimeter fence installation plan
13 Prevent third floor SMD Side pad test equipment crush-related hazards May 2009, completion SMD 3rd floor Side pad test equipment guardrail plan
14 Prevent electrocution hazards during operations August 2009, completion Develop cutting machine to assist in installing electrocution prevention leakage circuit breaker systems
15 Prevent electrocution hazards during operations July 2009, completion Complete a secod Wheel equipment cleaning system electrocution prevention leakage circuit breaker
16 Reduce employee risks from equipment errors June 2009, completion emergency stop button installation plan
17 Reduce employee risk from flame-related operations August 2009, completion Establish Flame-related operations guidelines plan
18 Reduce risks from elevated operations August 2009, completion Establish elevated operations safety guidelines plan
19 Reduce intrafacility transport related risks June 2009, completed Painted crosswalks plan
20 Reduce chemical leak-spill hazards June 2009, completed storage dike anti-overflow enhancement plan
21 Prevent wastewater treatment plant falls or drowning June 2009, completed Underground storage tank cover warning signs plan
22 Prevent operational crushing hazards July 2009, completed Develop a cutting machine and install protective perimeter sheaths plan
23 Prevent grinding machine operational impact or crush hazards August 2009, completed Establish grinding machine operational safety guidelines plan

Work environment and personal safety protection measures

In production activities and service, we have established the following protection measures for a safe, clean, and comfortable work environment:


1. Plant safety

  1. The safest and most appropriate zoning is implemented based on production needs in the plant area. These zones include the operation zone, storage zone, equipment zone, and office zone to ensure employees can carry out their work in a safe space.
  2. In addition to the automatic fire alarm system, we have equipped fire detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire hydrants thorough the plant and the fire detector central control in the security guard duty area for 24-hour surveillance.
  3. We establish safety rules and safety guidelines for operation to ensure operation accuracy, employee safety, and product quality, such as protection measures for devices, machines, and facilities.
  4. The factory building is equipped with mechanical security facilities and broadcast systems, and clearly indicated emergency exists as specified by the law.
  5. Fire equipment, protective equipment, and alarm systems are maintained periodically to ensure operability at all times.


2. Operation environment and employee safety

  1. Hazardous substances, dangerous goods, and organic solvents are segregated, labeled, and equipped with warning signs.
  2. Workplace identification and the provision of appropriate work environments, such as temperature, humidity, brightness, ventilation, cleanliness, and so on.
  3. For the concern of employee health, we arrange periodic health examinations for employees, including general and special health examinations. General health examinations refer to the employee health examinations specified by the occupational health and safety regulations. The frequency of general health examinations is once every two years. Special health examinations are arranged for employees working in special workplaces, such as dust, noise, ionized radiation, and dimethylformamide. They are arranged once a year.


3. Facility safety and safety awareness fortification

  1. Water foundations in the plant are cleaned, filters are replaced, and water quality is examined regularly.
  2. A safety protection system is established and workforce and equipment are carefully planned. An emergency response organization is established with different teams assigned with different duties. Exercises are held regularly.
  3. Safety and health education and training activities: Safety and health education and training activities are arranged and implemented based on the annual safety and health demands. These activities including new employee, in-service, and disaster prevention training. We outsource training for employees operating dangerous machinery and equipment and require them to obtain the certificate of pass. We also arrange professional training for special personnel, such as personnel engaging in occupational safety and health management personnel, first aid, and organic solvent operation. By doing so, we ensure the close connection between production and safety and health.

Contractors Safety and health management

To ensure the safety of factory workers on the construction and to maintain the surrounding environment, the Company has established relevant management system and E- management system for contractors. Prior to the co-operation, the contractors would sign the “contractors’ safety, health and hygiene agreement” and complete the safety and health training to ensure that prior, during, and after the operations are in accordance to the regulations. We also require that, before the construction, the applicant is required to fill the “Contractor work permit and construction environment risk form”, and asking the safety and health unit to provide us with a security guard office to be used as a basis for inspection. Construction personnel entering the plant must swipe card and have ID checked before being accompanied into the plant by the applying section supervisor. Those persons who have not undergone or passed safety and health education and training must complete the related education and training and receive certification before applying for a temporary construction pass and entry together into the plant area with the applying section supervisor.

Product liability insurance

We endeavor to ensure all our products comply with international guidelines, and concomitantly provide adequate protection for our consumer's rights. So since 2005, we have sought reputable international insurance firms to provide us with full comprehensive product liability insurance coverage. Since most of our production involve active and passive frequency components, product or functional losses (poor frequency vibrations or incapacitance), are unlikely to mean for our distribution channels and ultimate consumers any physical injuries. Thus, we have obtained product liability insurance, to meet the highest ethical requirements, thereby rightly improving our corporate image in line with our international competitors, while sharing any risks and responsibilities from our distribution channels.