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Environmental Management Practices

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Our environmental safety and health management system relies on a pre-review approach to management:


Consideration of environmental aspects: identification of environmental aspects is undertaken on a regular basis every three years, and whenever there is any development or introduction of new processes, such as the introduction of new chemicals, machinery and equipment, then periodic considerations are applied, to assess and take appropriate precautionary measures or ensure execution of necessary controls.

Regulatory Compliance: quarterly initiatives are undertaken to collect applicable environmental laws and regulations, with compliance assessment audits every six months, deploying recommendations for affects or areas needing improvement, expanded assessments of environmental impacts, seeking to minimize impacts while ensuring the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements, and providing transparency through simultaneously posting assessment results on the company website.

Establishing goals, targets and management programs: to implement the corporate Environmental, health and safety policies, we rely on determinations consonant with environmental concerns and regulatory processes, to elicit the major concerns or regulatory areas which do not conform with our stakeholders expectations, thereby setting environmental objectives for continuous improvement and enhancement across our corporate environmental performance.

Environmental objectives

No. Objectives Outcomes Name of Management Project
1 Reduce operating power consumption of chilled water Deactivate B Building 125RT x 4set high-energy chiller High-efficiency air-conditioning system change chiller
No. Objectives Outcomes Name of Management Project
1 Building B compressed air system to reduce power consumption Save power consumption 37.3kw Air compressor plant margin empty recycling case
2 Building A "pre-pre-wash" process combined with the "Pre-wash" Cleaning solvents and cleaning time savings Building A merger XO cleaning process engineering
3 Reduce the amount of water the plant water Save water 50-60 tons Building B waste water recycling case
4 Building B, lower power consumption and air system operation normal rotation Savings in electricity and maintenance costs B top floor air compressor make obsolete engineering change
5 Dormitory, to reduce power consumption Save power consumption 154,847 KWH/year Dormitory heat pump project
No. Objectives Outcomes Name of Management Project
1 Compressor efficiency measurement analysis Measure air compressor operation effective and production line air consumption levels Compressor efficiency measurement analysis
2 Change the Building D air cooler to independent temperature control switch operation Save electricity and extend service life of equipment Building D air cooler circuit revision project
3 Let employees know about kitchen waste weight reduction and environmental protection concepts Achieve kitchen waste weight reduction and environmental protection announcement goals Kitchen waste weight reduction, health protection, energy conservation, protect TXC activity announcement
No. Objectives Outcomes Name of Management Project
1 Set up energy resources management system to continuously improve energy resources performance, efficiency and energy conservation obtained certificate in August 2011 Establishment of energy resources management system
2 Corridor lamps in buildings B,C changed to power conserving lamps T8 lamp changed toT5 lamp Lamp energy conservation program
3 Final disposal of four wastes for separate storage and weighing Final disposal of four wastes for separate storage and weighing, the various floors undergoing garbage reduction movement Waste reduction program
4 Beautifies the environment of factory, introduces vegetation properties and features Allow employees know vegetation Vegetation identification program
5 Strive for highest honor award for environmental protection, enhance corporate image striving for 2011 corporate environmental protection award Participate in corporate environmental award program
6 Reduce power use for air conditioning of clean room in C building Reduce 9% power use for air conditioning of clean room in C building Positive pressure control for clean room in C building
7 Reducing the air pollution caused by productive waste gas in the H building Reducing the concentration of waste gas during productive process Adding the air pollution disposal equipment
8 Reducing the environmental pollution caused by productive waste water in the H building Handling the waste water during productive process to meet the requirement Adding the waste water disposal equipment
9 In response to Green Energy, Energy Saving, and Carbon Reduction Annual generation of electricity is 63,404 degrees, and carbon reduction is 40,325 kg / year (decay rate is 1%) The setting of 60.95KW solar and photoelectric equipment
No. Objectives Outcomes Name of Management Project
1 2009 Pingchen and Beitou plant CO 2 emissions inventory April 2010 obtained ISO14064-1 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program
2 7M product CO 2 emissions inventory in 2009 July 2010, obtained PAS2050 certification 7M product carbon footprint inventory program
3 Reduce the amount of water consumption in Building B's cooling towers 700M 3 in monthly water consumption reduction achieved Building B Pure Water RO Wastewater Recyle System
No. Objectives Outcomes Name of Management Project
1 Reduce greenhouse gas usage Temperature Measurement equipment carbon dioxide use reduced to 0 Temperature Measurement Transitional Gas Program
2 Energy conservation 65KW of energy saved T8 lamp T-5 energy-saving lamp replacement program

In light of the growing international emphasis on environmental protection issues, since March 31, 2010 we have endeavored forward on comprehensive ESH environmental health, energy-saving, carbon reduction, and green activities expense accounting with the Project Code: PE151, yielding objective data of the company's extensive efforts at environmental protection, primarily reflecting environmental clean-up, operational environmental testing, pollution control equipment operations and maintenance costs.

Facility-wide greenification efforts

We strive to fulfill our commitment to internal and external facility-wide environmental cleanliness, to achieve our goals for greenification, with more than 100 full-grown plants/trees throughout our facilities.

Facility-wide greenification

We actively participate in the Hsinchu Industrial Park Service Center, Ministry of Economic Affairs, greenification adoption activities, achieving recognition as the Outstanding enterprise participant in Greenification Adoption for the Pingchen Industrial Center by the 2009 MOEA Industrial Department Northern Industrial Center Administration Section.

Green adoption efforts

Responding to the trends towards international green product requirements and greenhouse gas emissions reductions, since 2006 we have become a SONY Green partner and since 2007 have complied with Samsung ECO-Partner standards for environmentally friendly relationship commitments and confirmation processes, achieving IECQ/QC080000 certification in 2008, observing full compliance with the EU ROHS, EUP environmental directives, the establishment of raw materials and incoming materiel inspection systems, etc. Since early 2010, we have begun our GHG inventory (ISO14064-1) and product carbon footprint (PAS2050) programs, launching our Energy Management System (ISO50001) in 2011, further fulfilling our social responsibility and contributing to achieving our goals of sustainable development.