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TXC strictly complies with the legal requirements and relative standards in the R/D, manufacturing, testing, and marketing procedures to ensure our systems are continuously improved and can link with the latest global standards. To fulfill the social responsibilities, here we committed to protect the Earth and take care of our employees as follows:


Provide safe and clean working environment is the one of the key responsibilities of the managerial members

Provide safer, cleaner, and ill-free working environment in order to protect all people inside factory

Abide by the laws or administration rules and to develop needed procedures and operation procedures to minimize the impact caused by pollution

Provide continuous and necessary trainings to communicate company's policies with stakeholders so as to facilitate them with needed knowledge and righteous behaviors

Continuously improving our systems and performance standards

Build smooth communication channels between executive managers and employees by encouraging them to propose their suggestions

Provide HSF products and better working environment through waste-reducing activities and self-disciplined mentality

TXC commits to improve our EHS systems by using the highest domestic or international standards

We are well aware that the global climate and environment are gradually deteriorating because of influence from greenhouse gas emission. As a member of the global corporate citizens, we have the responsibility of protecting the environment. Aside from thoroughly investigating greenhouse emission by the factory, truly in control of greenhouse gas emission and formulate a feasible program for greenhouse gas emission reduction and genuinely execute the work plan for reducing greenhouse gas emission, we also strenuously carry out following measures:


1.Continue to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction measures.

2.Total participation in energy conservation and carbon reduction activities.

3.Abide by environmental protection laws and decrees, requirements of customers and other relevant regulations.

4.TXC commits to improve our system by using the highest domestic or international standards.

To fulfill our global citizenship & social responsibility, TXC commits to abide by the laws to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide, develop green products, and to increase the performance level of energy saving. We hope that TXC can achieve the energy consumption target goal, and our solid actions are:


Review our energy saving target constantly.

Increase the efficiency of our facilities.

Purchase energy saving products.

Promote the awareness and sense of energy saving of our employees.

TXC commits to improve our system by using the highest domestic or international standards.

Practical acts


Censoring the goal of energy conservation regularly

Hold annual management review meeting to review energy use.

Raising the equipment efficiency

Regular maintenance to find out improvement measures and opportunities for energy conservation.

Procurement for energy saving products

According to energy procurement regulations, priority will be given to products with energy conservation marking, water conservation marking, energy star and energy conservation facilities.

Raising employees' consciousness of energy conservation

Every year regularly communicate with all employees on consciousness for energy conservation, and personnel using major energy use equipment should receive major energy conservation training every 3 years in accordance with the educational training method.

To pursue the leadership in crystal industry, TXC commits to implement the most advanced management systems in order to protect stakeholders’ rights and to ensure the security of our supply-chain. It is expected by having safety system in position, our supply-chain can immune from the threat and attacks of terrorists. Our policies for safety system are:


Build up the supply-chain safety system and conduct needed risk assessment.

Protect and strengthen the safety of our product during transportation to reduce the associated risk.

Assist the safety training and integrate with the information systems to reduce the risk of having intellectual property lost.

Work with all departments to identify existed or possible intellectual property risk such as misuse, infringement, or defraud issues to minimize the lost.

Abide by the laws and regulation to meet the demands of Customs and clients.

Continuously access and implement safety solutions to protect the property and assets of our company.

Implement management review and continuous improvements activities to ensure the applicability and validity of our supply-chain security systems.

TXC commits to improve our system by using the highest domestic or international standards.