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Public welfare and charity

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Nursing Home Pit Barbeque Family Outing

On November 24, Mr. Su led 60 volunteers from the company to join in aerobic boxing show, bike riding and various games at the 2012 Pit Barbeque Family Outing at the Longtan Education Institute for the Mentally-Impaired to bring more fun and laughs and enable our employees to interact with and learn more about mentally and physically disabled. The whole activity was brought to a successful conclusion.


End of the year donations

Started from 2009, the company had appealed to colleagues at yearend to donate some of their yearend earning and a second hand clothing charity auction in 2012 to the social welfare groups: Taoyuan County Longtan Special Education School, Taoyuan County Fangzhou Special Education School, Taoyuan County Shengai Special Education School, Taoyuan County Ankang Special Education School, Taipei City Ti-hui orphanage, Taipei Shengdao Children’s Home and Taipei City Family Support Center.


Care activities for children with cancer

Starting from 2011, TXC has appropriated funds to support the care activities sponsored by the International Youth Chamber. Through outdoor teaching, the children patients and their families and friends have retained beautiful memories and allowed friends understand the significance and purpose of life.


Blood Donation

Starting from 2007, TXC sponsors two blood donation drives each year as a way to make its feedback to the society. The colleagues have generously responded to these public welfare activities. A total of 160 bags (250C.C) blood donations in 2012.

Say Yes to Health” Bread Purchasing Plan

In order to help promote products made by mentally and physically handicapped persons, the company's employee welfare committee cooperated with Bosk’e bakery caffee to organize the Say Yes to Health bread purchasing activity. A total of 88 employees participated in this activity. For a period of 6 months, each person made regular payments of $250 a month to make their modest contribution to corporate social responsibility.


Donation of packaged rice

After Zhongyuan Festival on universal salvation activities, the packaged rice, food cans, biscuits and fruits were donated to the orphanages in Ping Cheng and Longtan, Taipei City Orphanage of God and Taipei City Nursery . The proceeds from the action were donated to provide care for disadvantaged families in the Pingzhen area. Starting from 2012, basic living supplies were specially prepared and entrusted to the Zhenxing, Yongfeng, Yongan and Yongguang neighborhood chiefs for donation to disadvanted families so fulfill our responsibility to give back to society and take care of local communities.

Plant a Tree for the Earth, Support Green Spaces in Taiwan Activit

In order to promote the Protect the Environment / Love Earth / Carbon Reduction activities, the company regularly sponsors the environmental protection activities organized by the Environmental Quality Protection Foundation so we can do our part for the environment and for Earth.


A Second Generation Health Insurance and Quit Smoking to Win Hiking and Carnival Activity

In April 2012, the company jointly held a Second Generation Health Insurance and Quit Smoking to Win Hiking and Carnival Activity with the Taoyuan County Government and National Health Insurance Bureau. A total of 126 employees and family members completed this hike to work together to create a smoking-free LOHAS living environment.

Taoyuan County Spring Beach Cleaning Activity

To fulfill our corporate social responsibility and respond to Taoyuan County government's beach cleaning drive, volunteers from the company participated in the beach cleaning activity at Zhuwei fishing harbor on April 12. Under the leadership of Taoyuan Country Environmental Protection Bureau Director Dr. Chen Shi-Wei and the Dayuan Township Chief, a total of 4.2 metric tons of garbage and 0.3 metric tons of recyclable waste was collected during the beach cleaning which made the activity a ringing success.

Kitchen Waste Reduction, Health Protection, Energy Conservation Activity

In response to the Love the Earth through Environmental Protection, the company has taken action to reduce carbon and implement source reduction measures. For the kitchen waste reduction and energy saving activity held in May, TXC launched an education campaign on kitchen waste reduction, introduced an employee petition and held a series of activitiies including Q&A game with prizes, painting competition and kitchen waste weigh-in to show employees that kitchen waste reduction is a basic way to cut down on food waste. It also reduces disposal and treatment costs as well as improving sanitation and the environment.

Taking Environmental Protection Action through Activities

In response to the Clean Up the World activity launched by community convenience stores, the company called on employees to recycle their spent batteries, CDs, notebook computers, cellphones, chargers and other everyday articles to put the environmental protection concept of reduce, recyle, reuse and refuse into practice in our daily lives.


「Bug Rush」

TXC’s Employee Welfare Committee invited Ifkids Theatre Troupe to company headquarters to perform the environmentally-conscious play Bug Rush on 23rd March as part of a ‘Love the Earth, Reduce Carbon Emissions’ promotion. Families of employees were welcome at the energetic performance and the students of the Lungtan Education and Nursing Institution in Taoyuan County were also invited. The event raised awareness of environmental concern and protecting our ecosystems while promoting carbon-saving ideals – it has been granted an EPA Low-Carbon Seal (No. 10200180). The event went some way towards fulfilling our corporate responsibility to the community.


Piano Concerto

To encourage art and cultural appreciation among our employees, the company's employee welfare committee organized a Soaring Eagle Leaping Dragon piano technique exhibition to provide a wide ranges of recreational and entertainment activities to employee so they can achieve a good work and life balance. Afterwards, the internal art and cultural activities that are interally held by the company will be expanded to encompass the communties and social welfare groups in the Pingzhen area.


Sporting goods donations/ book donations

TXC performs its corporate social responsibility by focusing on education. For effective use of limited resources and optimal benefit, TXC has paid attention to helping the elementary schools in the surrounding of Beitou and Pingzhen. To cultivate an atmosphere of sports and reading interest among students, TXC had respectively donated necessary funds for buying sporting goods and books for 28 elementary schools in Taipei, Pingzhen and remote areas including Fuxing Elementary School in the hope students can form the good habit of sporting and reading. We had donated two books to various schools, namely “The Importance of Voluminous Reading” by Professor Li Jiatong and “Saving Yourself by Reading” by Professor Gao Xijun in 2012. They are the primary teaching materials for encouraging reading at schools. We hope, through the process of growth of two professors and their experience in acquiring knowledge, children are encouraged to apply assiduously to studying and become useful persons for contributing to society and their native homes.

In order to foster environmental awareness and consciousness in the younger generation, the company made environmentally friendly bags made of environmentally safe materials and distributed them to school children in 2013. The messages “protect environment, love Earth, reduce carbon, protect ecology” and “value resources, think about where each grain of rice comes from, value materials, remember what it takes to make every single thing” was printed on the bags so this concept will gradually be incorporated into their daily lives and these children will naturally become advocates of environmental protection.

Management Concept Inspection

We welcomed students from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages at the National Taiwan University of Technology and Science and graduate students from the Graduate Institute of International Human Resources Development at the National Taiwan Normal University to our company for a visit. The visit gave them practical experience of the manufacturing industry in Taiwan and made them familiar with corporate operating methods, and we discussed our companies operating principles, corporate responsibility, market competition, quarts production and other issues with the students.

TXC Scholarship for Children of staffs

Since 2008, the company has provided scholarships for the children of our staffs, with the aim of inspiring these children to study hard and to appreciate the hard-earned revenue of their parents, so that these daughters and sons of our colleagues can cherish and be grateful to their parents, thus continue their hard work, and become a useful person for the country in the future as a country. In addition, the various center supervisors also provide additional scholarships to encourage students with excellent scholastic achievements.