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Government and regulatory agencies

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Degree of regulatory compliance

The company complies with the laws of both domestic and foreign countries (at overseas location). This obligation is written in the company’s code of conduct, as well as in the employee’s handbook.Meanwhile, the corresponding regulations are check on the quarterly basis to ensure that the company complies with the latest laws and regulations. This inspection includeslaws and regulations regarding personnel, financial, environmental, safety and health matters, as well as the special needs of customers.

Environmental Protection

As regarding to environmental protection as specified in law, the company also complied with the relevant requirements forcompanies. This environmental protection regulation is vigorously enforced in our company, through self-management. We aim to do our best efforts in protecting the environment and ecology.

Fulfillment of tax obligation

TXC pays taxes honestly in order to promote the development of national economy.

Degree of policy coordination

TXC cooperates fully with the policies promoted by our government, regardless whether they are financial disclosure, environmental regulations or foreign labor policies.