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We always aim to enhance customer value, providing our customers with a variety of frequency control components and modular design (Design In), in order to meet the comprehensive demand of our customers. The common goal of all the colleagues has always been to exceed customer expectations; TXC has for three consecutive years been awarded with “Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI)" and "Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS)"by the Intel Corporation.In recognition of theoutstanding achievement as well as competitiveness of the company in its price offered; its quality, delivery, service, the company received the honor of the highest quality by our world-class customer.

TXC customer relationship management features are as follows:

Customers Relationship Management

In order to meet customer value and needs, enhance customer satisfaction with the company as a whole and to strengthen customer loyalty to the company,TXC has conducted the "customer satisfaction survey" at the end of each year. Its content includes 5 items which are, "product supply and delivery (delivery period), "" product quality "," products and customer service, "" technical support "and (no harmful substances / green products)" HSF / GP ". The overall mark for customer satisfaction in 2010 is 85.9 points. In order to understand this, for the practical side, the following two issues are taking into consideration: customers’specific needs and expectations for TXC.

Through formal and direct response from our clients in order to measure the actual performance of TXC, and to point out the inadequacies of the Company, in order to develop the basis for improvement strategies.

Findings from the previous survey have been reported to the Company's highest management unit to serve as a reference for future policy adjustments, and after statistical analysis, to provide as an indicator for the follow-up improvement and effectiveness tracking by our sales unit.

Customer privacy

As for customer information, it is considered to be confidential information by TXC and this confidential information must not be granted use fornon-TXC staff, with the exception that the person has a legitimate and lawful business relationship with our business and there is a demand for the information. All staffs must abide by the Code of Conduct. As of 2010 there is no instance in which customer privacy is violated nor is there any case of customer’s data being lost and damaged.