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TXC has for three consecutive years awarded with an A+ for "Information disclosure ranking”. Our established goals are to maintain public equity of investors, and to disclose our public management information.Thereafter, we will uphold the principle of full disclosure, which will be uploaded onto the company website and published in the annual report, thereby making the fastest and the most suitable expression to the company dynamics and its management in response to market changes, in order to protect the interest parties’ right to know.

Protection of shareholders’equity

The company's management results should be shared by the relevant people of the interest parties. For this reason, the company encourages the interest parties to provide information related to the decision making of the management level.The mode of operation of the Board of Directors should also be in accordance with local laws and regulations in order to maintain proper and normal operation. Furthermore, full disclosure of operating results will be published in the annual report and on the website. As for the suggestions or comments by the interest parties, the company also has a spokesman to respond to these queries, in order to avoid damage to the company due to unidentified risks.

Enhancement of transparency of information

Various types of information are available on the quarterly and annual reports and company web pages, which provide quick and realistic information about the business. Interested parties can use this information to have a grasp of the management dynamics of the company.As for corporate operation related financial information, stock dividend information, organizational structure, internal systems and rules, conditions for board members and contact mailbox, as well as the announcement of information, the company would also upload this information onto the company website, in a comprehensive, truthful and immediate manner. Update will also be on the quarterly and annual reports.


For the information disclosed, the Company shall maintain the principles of reciprocity; the company also does not seek private gain or favor, and would disclose related activities on time, for self-scrutinizing by the interest parties.



All interested parties can access the “corporate governance” section of our website to understand shareholders meeting regulations, shareholders information, corporate operation regulations, and corporate organization structure etc. TXC will keep on providing information related to its management performance so that management performance can be improved further and shareholders’ interests can be safeguarded.