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All our operating facilities pose no hidden or negative impact on the local communities. We have also voluntarily held birthday celebrations and group recreational activities from time to time at nearby nurseries and schools such as Longtan Special Education School, Fangzhou Special Education School and Ankang Special Education School. Every year, food and fund raised for the Zhongyuan Festival are donated to the aforementioned special education schools as our way of contribution. In addition, in the event of expansion for key factories due to developmental needs, the Company would notify the surrounding factories and residents in the area through the industrial zone service station and borough chiefs to mitigate impacts. Moreover, TXC also offers financial support for sacrificial ceremonies, thanksgiving for Gods, construction of Tu Di Gong shrines, community beautification and so forth in conjunction with the borough chiefs’ tasks of improving the local communities.

We shall strive to improve the living quality of our community. We shall:

Defend the surrounding environment and natural resources.

Continue to play a fair corporate citizen.

Support organizations which contribute to improving the natural environment, educational level and community vitality.

Regular environmental policy

TXC shall continue to adopt the same attitude in operating the enterprise for paying attention to and striving to maintain and improving the natural environment. To accomplish above objectives, we shall:

Operate our enterprise in the same way as making contribution to the natural environment.

Wisely and efficiently use energy resources in operation activities.

Abide by all relevant environmental laws and regulations, company policy and fair industrial and professional standards.

Adopt technology and operation flow for minimizing hazards to bodily health and safety.

Encourage employees to report on circumstances that might endanger bodily health and safety via non-open confidential channels.

Corporate citizen accountability

TXC shall provide high quality products and service to improve the safety and sanitation of our community and shall support local charity groups and non-profit organizations in the manner of a fair corporate citizen, voluntary service and hard work.

Relation with community groups

TXC shall strive to establish strategic partner relations with the community organizations.

Product Liability

TXC's products are components which will not produce high temperature or other conditions that may lead to industrial hazards. As such, the products will not cause safety problems to customers and consumers. However, we still comply with related international standards and regulations in our R&D, manufacturing, testing, and sales activities to meet customers' requirements. In order to relieve customers and consumers from safety concerns, TXC has bought a product liability insurance worth US$5 million in order to meet our social responsibilities.