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The key to TXC’s success lies in the mutual trust and respect among employees. We fully respect the dignity of every colleague and strive to listen to their concerns and recommendations and accept differences with an open mind. Employee care and employee welfare have always been the fundamental principles of our welfare system, which is designed to provide employees with better welfare.
In order to safeguard employees’ rights, the Company has established its Worker Rights and Ethics Policy, which is reviewed on a quarterly basis during the labor-management meeting to determine if any revision is necessary in order to uphold TXC’s corporate ethics and fulfill the Company’s corporate social responsibilities. The policies are made available to all employees via weekly announcements.

The Company deeply understands how children might be physically and mentally impacted by labor work, and the negative effect of child labor on corporate social image. Therefore, the “Code of Conduct” and “Employee Handbook” explicitly specified that no child labor is allowed. This rule is fully executed during interview. TXC Corporation believes that everyone should get the equal opportunity. As for recruitment, employment, remuneration, welfare, reward and punishment, job assignment, training opportunity, promotion, demotion, discharge and retirement, the Company does not practice or support discrimination against race, ethnicity, skin color, age, gender, height, weight, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, eyesight, star sign, blood type, birth place, military status, nationality, nation, social class, lineage, religious belief, family responsibility, marital status, any identity protected by national law, political outlook, pregnancy (fertility), physical and mental disability, medical condition, health check-up result, illness condition, or other situations based on public order or good morals. To guarantee employment rights for all employees, the Company signed the employment contract with all employees to guarantee employee rights.

Refers to the diagram below for employee type.

We focus on personal employee development plan to recruit, train and develop talents effectively. By developing talents through continuous two-way communication between the manager and employee, occasional employee interview, diverse training and development system, remuneration and reward system, and good work environment, we further enhance talent retention. In 2021, the average employment rate is 1.33%, the average dismission rate is 1.18%, and the average turnover rate is 2.51%.

TXC Corporation plans for training courses based on the grade/rank system and actual needs. It aims to enhance professional knowledge, skill and expertise of employee, to increase the competence and overall competitiveness of the employee. Training courses include new employee training, training for different professions, manager talent training, general education training, self-development growth, project training and online learning. The courses are delivered in various ways. Besides teaching, there are courses, case studies or group discussion, depending on the nature of the course. Learning becomes more lively and effective. The following shows the training courses:

Type Description
New employee training · Ÿ By orientation and internal professional guidance and training in the department, new employees can know about the company quickly, integrate themselves into the organization culture, adapt to the company faster, and use what they learned and their expertise at work.
· To make sure that new employees understand that they are treated fairly and respected, human rights, environmental security, information security, supply chain security courses are provided simultaneously, e.g. Code of Conduct, Workplace Harassment and Abuse Preventive Measures Appealing and Punishment, Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), Information Security Management System (ISO 27001), Personal Data Protection Act, Trade Secrets Act, and occupational safety and health education training.
Training for different professions · Professional training is provided based on the expertise required for different departments and client demand, e.g. R&D, manufacturing, marketing, quality assurance, finance, human resource, procurement and general affairs. It aims to satisfy competence needs for profession.
Manager talent training · Organize diverse theoretical practical training courses for operating and management-level executives, to reinforce operation management ability required for growth.
General education training · Organize general education courses based on government regulations, company wholeness or all levels of the company, e.g. code of conduct, perceived quality degree, corporate social responsibility, occupational safety and health, and supply chain security.
Self-development growth · Ÿ Foreign language training, computer skill training, and health and mental growth seminars are held occasionally. Employees can achieve all-round satisfaction and growth.
Project training · Ÿ Special expertise training, e.g. Six Sigma green and black belt employee training, internal lecturer training, and project management.

Besides all kinds of physical courses above, eHRD, a learning platform, is also provided for employees to learn anywhere, anytime.

In 2021, the number of training courses held reached 226 courses. There were 5,850 participants and the total training hours was 14,628 person/hour. Meanwhile, the Company offers existing laws associated with employee rights in the law consulting section of our human resource web page (http://www.txccorp.com/index_en.php?action=h_human_1&cid=11&sid=12). Employees may look up the relevant information. This website can help employees learn more about their legal rights.

Training type Number of courses/sessions Number of classes Number of participants Training hour (man-hour)
Manager talent training 13 13 642 1,445
Professional training 139 183 4,338 11,249
General education training 6 11 704 344
New employee training 19 19 166 1,590
Total 177 226 5,850 14,628

TXC offers a diversified and competitive salary system that is free from discrepancies arising from factors such as employees’ age, gender, marital status, political orientation, race and so forth. The Company offers wages that are above the average salaries offered by competitors. We insist and believe in the philosophy of sharing profit with our employees in order to attract outstanding talents while motivating and retaining existing employees.

As for retirement welfare, the Company set the labor retirement requirements (old system) based on the Labor Standards Act. Labor retirement reserve fund, 9% of the monthly wage, is deposited into the Bank of Taiwan account. The Labor Retirement Reserve Fund Supervisory Committee is in charge of management and use of the labor retirement reserve fund. According to the Labor Pension Act, starting from July 1, 2005, labor pension, 6% of the monthly wage (new system), is deposited into the individual labor pension account every month, set up by the Bureau of Labor Insurance. The Employee Pension Fund Management Committee was founded in January 2007. Employee pension, 8% of the monthly wage, is appropriated monthly to guarantee retirement planning of the appointed manager.


To make sure that employees can work at ease, besides various insurance welfare and pension appropriation based on regulations, group insurance, travel insurance, health check-up and various health promotion activities are offered to guarantee work and life safety of employees. Refer to the following for the welfare policies.

The Company always aims to provide good working condition and environment. It expects employees to do their best and reach their full potential. The Company expects that the employee can become an important partner for long-term development while balancing work and life quality.

Open Communication Channels

TXC Corporation respects employees’ rights of assembly and association and is committed to provide smooth channels of communication in the hopes of ensuring sufficient exchange between the Company’s directions and employees’ opinions, which would serve as the basis of relevant improvements and the creation of better working environments and conditions at TXC.


The establishment of procedures such as the Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, Labor Rights and Ethical Policies on top of other diversified means of communication, has been implemented in accordance with the contents and spirit of EICC and SA8000 standards. Relevant issues have been handled with due prudence on the basis of equality in order to safeguard employees’ rights by ensuring all employees are subjected to fair evaluations that are compliant with human right principles. As of the end of 2014, no incidents of child labor, sexual discrimination, forced labor or obstruction of employees’ rights to assembly has taken place at the Company and no complaint relating to human rights violation has been reported.


At the same time, in order to protect the legal privileges that employees are entitled to, in the event of specific incidents that call for change of existing employee relations (i.e. adjustment of basic wage, change of working hours, change of payroll structure, access control measures, adjustment of parking space availability and so forth), all changes shall be made in adherence to pertinent domestic and international legal regulations (Basic Labor Law and its implementation details for domestic affairs) with adequate coordination and involvement from the Employee Welfare Committee. Not only that, the Company also takes the initiative to report and notify relevant employees in advance in order to facilitate adequate and seamless communication so that all notifications at TXC are compliant with pertinent procedures.


TXC has established its Employee Welfare Committee to take charge of the planning and promotion of employee welfares and activities in the hopes of creating a healthy workplace that facilitates physical and spiritual health for all. The Committee launched a Corporate Culture Identification Card point collection campaign and encouraged employees and their families to participate in various activities such as family day, sports meet, club activities, travels, art and cultural activities so that employees could benefit from relaxation and in turn enhance their productivity.

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Family Day

Club activities

The Company supports various recreational clubs that employees have established in the form of subsidies and relevant resources in accordance with the Club Management Procedure. Presently, employee clubs established include the table tennis club, badminton club, cycling club, basketball club, photography club, yoga club, hiking club, aerobics club and so forth.

Daily Convenience

Friendly environment

The Company offers colleagues with diversified leisure facilities and services including a gym, a library, multimedia classroom, basketball court, table tennis/pool facilities so that employees could exercise after work to maintain their physical fitness and relax. In addition, the Company also operates employee cafeteria, dormitory and various convenience services such as a convenience store, medical room and so forth in an effort to create a friendly working environment.

Healthy lifestyle and management

Guided by the philosophy of “We are family” at TXC, the Company has gone at great lengths to create an ideal working environment that facilitates mental and physical health among employees. The resident physician and dedicated nurse at the medical room provide professional health management for employees. In addition to routine health check-up, the Company also hosts various health promotion activities with the goal of helping employees to foster the concepts of holistic well-being by leading healthy lifestyles so as to work together towards the creation of a healthy and joyful workplace.


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