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The key to TXC’s success lies in the mutual trust and respect among employees. We fully respect the dignity of every colleague and strive to listen to their concerns and recommendations and accept differences with an open mind. Employee care and employee welfare have always been the fundamental principles of our welfare system, which is designed to provide employees with better welfare.
In order to safeguard employees’ rights, the Company has established its Worker Rights and Ethics Policy, which is reviewed on a quarterly basis during the labor-management meeting to determine if any revision is necessary in order to uphold TXC’s corporate ethics and fulfill the Company’s corporate social responsibilities. The policies are made available to all employees via weekly announcements.

We are fully aware of the potential physical and psychological impact of child labor and the negative corporate social image it would cast on the Company. And as such, the Company has clearly expressed its policy of not employing child labor in the Code of Conduct and Employee Handbook. The policy is strictly adhered during the course of all interviews.
TXC Corporation upholds the belief in equal opportunity and with regards to affairs pertaining recruiting, employment, salary, welfare, reward/punishment, work allocation, training, promotion, demotion, dismissal or retirement, the Company does not engage nor support any discrimination of employee’s race, color, height, weight, eyesight, place of birth, previous military rank, nationality, ethnicity, social standing, social class, ancestry, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family obligations, marital status, union membership, identity protected by law, political affiliation, age, pregnancy (childbirth), physical disability, medical status, result of health examination, physical ailments or other factors as the result of stereotyping due to preconceived ideas of public order or good morals. To protect the rights and benefits of all employees, both the Company and employees are required to enter into standard employment contracts. In 2014, a total of 273 new employees were recruited; one of them as an elementary supervisor and another as an intermediate supervisor. The age and source distribution for the new employees are shown in the table below.


Categories Groups Male Percentage(%) Female Percentage(%)
Groups 30- 50 18 120 44
30~40 36 13 62 23
41~50 1 0 4 1
51+ 0 0 0 0
Subtotal 87 31 186 68
Location Taiwan 84 31 181 66.1
China 0 0 1 0.4
Japan 0 0 1 0.4
America 2 1 3 1.1
Southeast Asian 1 0 0 0
Subtotal 87 32 186 68

Age distribution for each region for 2014

As of the end of 2014, TXC has a total of 1,040 employees on its payroll (with relevant information provided in the table below). Among the 129 supervisors, 15.5% are female. The percentage of local upper management is at 97.14% (35 colleagues).

gender Age Taiwan China Japan America Europe Southeast Asian Total
Female 30- 186 0 2 3 0 0 191
30-40 269 2 0 4 0 0 275
41-50 103 1 1 0 0 0 105
51+ 30 0 0 0 0 0 30
Male 30- 87 1 0 2 0 0 90
30-40 214 19 0 6 1 1 241
41-50 65 14 5 3 0 0 87
51+ 16 4 1 0 0 0 21
Total 970 41 9 18 1 1 1,040

Employee Type

Categories Groups Male Female
Age distribution for each region Fixed-term contract 7 146
Non fixed-term contract 432 455
Subtotal 439 601
Employee category Direct employee 107 409
Indirect employee 223 172
Basic supervisor 31 8
Intermediate supervisor 49 6
Senior supervisor 29 6
Subtotal 439 601

In order to achieve effective talent recruiting, retention and training, TXC continues to strengthen its relevant retention measures, from related aspects of management system, new staff interview, a complete system of multiple training and development, salary and reward management system, ideal working environment and so forth to enhance the talent retention results and thereby expand employees’ breadth and depth of knowledge. The employee turnover rate in 2014 came to 1.78%, with relevant employee departure information as follows:

Turnover rate for 2014

Categories Groups Taiwan China America Japan Total
Number Percentage Number Percentage Number Percentage Number Percentage
Male <30 40 19% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 40
30~40 39 18% 0 0% 1 0% 0 0% 40
41~50 6 3% 1 0% 0 0% 1 0% 8
>50 1 0% 1 0% 0 0% 2 1% 4
Female <30 54 25% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 54
30~40 57 26% 1 0% 1 0% 0 0% 59
41~50 9 4% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 9
>50 2 1% 0 0% 0 0% 0 0% 2
Subtotal 59 96.30% 36.2 1.39% 104 0.93% 0 1.39% 216

Note: The company monthly turnover rate is calculated as follows: No. of monthly departing employee / [(monthly beginning headcount of employees + monthly ending headcount of employees) / 2 ]

Planning of training courses at TXC is done according to the Company’s job grade / job level system and practical needs to strengthen employees’ professional knowledge, skills and expertise to boost their competence and overall competitiveness. Training courses include training for new employees, professional training, executive skill training, general training, self-inspired growth, project training and online learning platform courses. The trainings are conducted in a variety of formats and in addition to the lectures, specific activities/case studies/group discussions have also been included according to the characteristics of the training involved to make the learning process more organic and effective. Refer to the table below for the training courses offered by TXC:

Categories Description
Training for
· Through new staff workshops and introductory training conducted in house, new employees would be able to understand the Company quickly and assimilate TXC’s corporate culture while reducing their adaptation period and enabling them to contribute to the Company.
· To help new employees learn about their rights and the steps taken by TXC to treat employees fairly and respectfully. The Company also provides relevant courses on human rights, environmental safety, information security and supply chain security through trainings on the Code of Conduct and International Standard Social Responsibility (SA8000), Regulations of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment, Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), Supply Chain Security Management System (ISO 28000), and the Personal Information Protection Act. The duration of the aforementioned training totaled 894 man-hours in 2014.
· Professional trainings are provided according to the pre-requisite expertise of different units and customer requirements such as R&D, manufacturing, marketing, QA, finance, human resources, purchasing, general affairs and so forth to satisfy the requirement for professional knowledge.
· To provide operation and management executives with diversified theoretical and practical courses so as to strengthen their capacity of operation and administration for future development.
General training · To provide company-wide and general common courses on pertinent laws and regulations for employees. Courses include: quality awareness, OHS, hazardous substances/green product management system (HSPM/GPMS) and so forth.
· Occasional lectures on health and spiritual growth are provided to enrich employees spiritually for growth.
· Training employees in special skills, such as six sigma green belt and black belt training, project management training and so forth.


In 2014, a total of 254 training classes were held, culminating to 1,824 hours of training with 9,031 participants. The total training duration came to 17,686 man-hour with a total cost of NT$ 1,066,713. The Taoyuan Training Center issued NT$ 117,000 in subsidies for the training in 2014 and the sum amounted to 10.9% of TXC’s total training expenses for the year.
On top of that, employees were required to go over the guidelines of the Code of Conduct when they log in to the Electronic Payroll System inquiry menu as a way of deepening their understanding of their rights and obligations.(http://www.txccorp.com/tw/g_hr/10.html)At the same time, the Company also provides relevant information on pertinent laws and regulations on the Company’s human resource webpage to ensure employees’ improved awareness of their legal rights and interests.

Average training hours completed by employees (including departed employees) for 2014 (as of December 2014)

Categories Managers Direct employee Indirect employee Total
gender Female Male Female Male Female Male
Employee Training Number(A) 25 93 433 116 192 309 1168
Training Headcount 310 1614 1621 717 2767 5570 12599
Training Hours(hrs)(B) 524 3197 1292 621 3483 8904 18021
Average Training Hours(hrs)/Number(C=B/A) 21 34 3 5 18 29 15

TXC offers a diversified and competitive salary system that is free from discrepancies arising from factors such as employees’ age, gender, marital status, political orientation, race and so forth. The Company offers wages that are above the average salaries offered by competitors. We insist and believe in the philosophy of sharing profit with our employees in order to attract outstanding talents while motivating and retaining existing employees.

The highest individual annual earnings at TXC are 740% of the annual median earnings of all employees at the Company. The highest individual annual percentage increase in compensation came to -9.30% compared to the annual percentage median increase in compensation for all employees (the highest individual annual earning was less than the previous year, thus resulting in the negative percentage). Refer to the table below for the ratio of employee compensations:

Proportion of average salary

Categories Proportion of average salary
Female Male
Senior supervisor 1.00 1.08
Intermediate supervisor 1.00 1.02
Basic supervisor 1.00 1.05
Indirect employee 1.00 1.19
Direct employee 1.00 1.20



In order to help employees feel more secured regarding their careers at TXC, in addition to offering various insurance benefits and pension reserve as required by law, the Company also offer group insurance, travel safety insurance, health check-up and other health promotion activities to ensure employees’ safety at work and in life. Refer to the table below for relevant welfare benefits.

In accordance with the Labor Standards Act, the Company also provides various leaves for employees. In the event of extended period of leave due to factors such as childbirth, military service or serious illness, employees may apply for unpaid leave and apply to be reinstated when the leave is completed. In 2014, a total of 14 females and 1 male employee applied for parental leave. The percentage of return to work rate for said employees came to 88.89%, with a retention rate at 60%.

  Female Male Total
No. of employees that took parental leaves in 2014 14 1 15
No. of employees that took parental leaves in 2014 9 0 9
No. of employees on parental leaves that returned to work in 2014 (B) 8 0 8
Return to work rate (B/A) 88.89% 0.00% 88.89%
No. of employees on parental leaves that returned to work in 2013 (C) 5 0 5
No. of employees on parental leaves that returned to work in 2013 and remain employed for at least 12 months in 2014 (D) 3 0 3
Retention rate (D/C) 60.00% 0 60.00%

The Company always strives to provide employees with ideal working conditions and working environments in the hopes of enabling employees to do their best and develop themselves with balanced emphasis on work and quality of life to become TXC’s important partners in long-term development of the Company.

Open Communication Channels

TXC Corporation respects employees’ rights of assembly and association and is committed to provide smooth channels of communication in the hopes of ensuring sufficient exchange between the Company’s directions and employees’ opinions, which would serve as the basis of relevant improvements and the creation of better working environments and conditions at TXC.


The establishment of procedures such as the Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, Labor Rights and Ethical Policies on top of other diversified means of communication, has been implemented in accordance with the contents and spirit of EICC and SA8000 standards. Relevant issues have been handled with due prudence on the basis of equality in order to safeguard employees’ rights by ensuring all employees are subjected to fair evaluations that are compliant with human right principles. As of the end of 2014, no incidents of child labor, sexual discrimination, forced labor or obstruction of employees’ rights to assembly has taken place at the Company and no complaint relating to human rights violation has been reported.


At the same time, in order to protect the legal privileges that employees are entitled to, in the event of specific incidents that call for change of existing employee relations (i.e. adjustment of basic wage, change of working hours, change of payroll structure, access control measures, adjustment of parking space availability and so forth), all changes shall be made in adherence to pertinent domestic and international legal regulations (Basic Labor Law and its implementation details for domestic affairs) with adequate coordination and involvement from the Employee Welfare Committee. Not only that, the Company also takes the initiative to report and notify relevant employees in advance in order to facilitate adequate and seamless communication so that all notifications at TXC are compliant with pertinent procedures.


TXC has established its Employee Welfare Committee to take charge of the planning and promotion of employee welfares and activities in the hopes of creating a healthy workplace that facilitates physical and spiritual health for all. The Committee launched a Corporate Culture Identification Card point collection campaign and encouraged employees and their families to participate in various activities such as family day, sports meet, club activities, travels, art and cultural activities so that employees could benefit from relaxation and in turn enhance their productivity.

Event tidbits




Family Day

Club activities

The Company supports various recreational clubs that employees have established in the form of subsidies and relevant resources in accordance with the Club Management Procedure. Presently, employee clubs established include the table tennis club, badminton club, cycling club, basketball club, photography club, yoga club, hiking club, aerobics club and so forth.

Daily Convenience

Friendly environment

The Company offers colleagues with diversified leisure facilities and services including a gym, a library, multimedia classroom, basketball court, table tennis/pool facilities so that employees could exercise after work to maintain their physical fitness and relax. In addition, the Company also operates employee cafeteria, dormitory and various convenience services such as a convenience store, medical room and so forth in an effort to create a friendly working environment.

Healthy lifestyle and management

Guided by the philosophy of “We are family” at TXC, the Company has gone at great lengths to create an ideal working environment that facilitates mental and physical health among employees. The resident physician and dedicated nurse at the medical room provide professional health management for employees. In addition to routine health check-up, the Company also hosts various health promotion activities with the goal of helping employees to foster the concepts of holistic well-being by leading healthy lifestyles so as to work together towards the creation of a healthy and joyful workplace.


Healthy Event tidbits